At first the Satanic Establishment was only promoting the concepts of being gay and lesbian ... now, since we are showing some acceptance to these configurations, the Establishment is shoving down the "transgender" propaganda down our throats.

Now, we have to apparently show acceptance to transgenders ... guys who cut off their balls and plant pussies on themselves ... we are supposed to treat them as equal to women. We are supposed to allow them to share women's bathrooms and allow them to compete with women in sports and games.

A new level of deviance and irreligion
This is nothing but a new level of bullshit designed to push us away from God and religion ... and show more acceptance to deviance and irreligion. The fact that the Establishment wants us to avoid using the words man and woman ... and become gender neutral ... this again confirms the ideology that the Jewish Establishment looks at non-Jews as animals.

The track that the Establishment is working on is that ... we should become immoral and animalistic ... and stay away from God and religion.

Gay propaganda marketing pattern
This is how the Establishment operates ... today, our response to transgenders is pretty much the same as the response was to gays and lesbians 30 years ago. 30-40 years ago ... gays and lesbians were not seen in good light ... they were seen as immoral ... as a deviation ... and these configurations were not welcome or acceptable.

But did the Establishment stop when the masses did not welcome gays and lesbians? No, they continued with the propaganda and deviance ... continuously promoted it, marketed it via its owned media, movies, TV series and celebrities ... used politicians to create laws to protect and give rights to gays and lesbians.

This track was worked upon year after year ... decade after decade ... from several angles and in several countries. Its then that today there is some form of acceptance to gays and lesbians in Western countries.

The Establishment: Let’s become gender neutral!
If you look at today's propaganda ... then its got to do with being gender neutral and transgender rights. Just forget being a man or a woman or a transgender ... let's just be gender neutral. Why do we even need these separations and divisions? Let's just be human. Lol.

Let everyone use the same bathroom and the same locker room. We are all humans ... why bother with the gender? Lol. Everyone is equal.

This is exactly where we can land up in the next 2-3 decades with this gender neutral bullshit. If you don't believe me ... then you will find exactly the same pattern of promotion, marketing, politics, media and celebrities being used repeatedly for this from several angles from several countries ... for transgender rights and being gender neutral.

The Establishment is making great progress
As far as the Establishment is concerned ... its excellent progress ... they have already got the rights to marry a man to a man and marry a woman to a woman. They have already facilitated this level of deviance "using the law". The more deviant they make you ... the more gender neutral they make you ... the more immoral and irreligious they make you ... the more victorious they are.

Using the law to facilitate deviance and irreligion
What you should observe here is that ... the Satanic Establishment is using "legal tools" to regularize and to force others to accept deviance and irreligion.

Its already being done ... you won't bake a cake for a gay couple? They take you and your Christian beliefs to Court and force you to accept and work for these deviant and irreligious configurations. Transgenders are already hitting the courts ... for their rights ... "I cut off my balls and planted a pussy on me ... and people are refusing to allow me to use the women's bathroom". Apparently, his rights are being violated.

Mister ... your rights are not being violated ... you have violated yourself. Planting a pussy on yourself doesn’t make you a woman … you continue to remain a man … but with a pussy. That’s exactly what you have chosen for yourself. You do weird and different things to yourself and then you sue others because they treat you differently?

Men with pussies are not women ... men with pussies are "men with pussies".

Its not hostility … its basic science
No, the above info about transgenders is not hostility … but it is basic science. The most basic way of identifying whether it is a boy or girl even before the baby develops is via a genetic test. The female genes have XX sex chromosomes and the male genes have the XY sex chromosomes.

A male and female is defined at the genetic level
The male and female are not only defined by their sexual organs … but they are defined by their genes itself. A human being is a male or a female at the very minute genetic level itself. It is the Y chromosome in the males that results in the creation of a male bone structure, male muscular mass, masculine hair and then comes the masculine sexual organs.

Every single cell in the body of the male has the Y chromosome which defines how his body will develop, look, think and operate. Now, just because a few males out there decided to chop off their balls and plant a pussy on themselves … it doesn’t mean that they are genetic females now. It doesn’t mean that their genes have changed … it doesn’t mean that their bone and muscle structure has changed … it doesn’t mean that their brains, how they think and operate has changed. They are still genetic males in every way possible … with masculine hair, masculine muscles, masculine bone structure, a masculine brain and thinking pattern … but with a pussy.

How do you define a female?
The Establishment media is asking for the definition of a female in American political circles. Well, a female is defined at birth by God … which holds the XX chromosomes. Every single cell in a female body identifies and declares itself as a female. Its not just the sexual organs that define who we are … just altering sexual organs don’t alter the entire body.

So, yes screw balls to those who are claiming “women’s rights” by planting pussies on themselves … because apart from the sexual organs … every single cell of your body is still a man. Your hair, bones, muscles, brains and your thinking pattern is still of a man … and it’s a scam and a shame that you want to share women’s bathrooms and locker rooms.

The Satanic Establishment will fail in its transgender propaganda
The Establishment found success in its gay and lesbian propaganda … because these configurations had to do more with the mind and love. It didn’t have much of science associated with it … apart from some hormonal changes.

But when it comes to identifying who is a male and female … God has made it very easy … and given us the evidence at the very genetic level itself.

That’s why I said … men with pussies are not women … men with pussies are “men with pussies”.