Jewish groups, allies demand CUNY Law lose funding after student's 'vile' anti-Israel commencement speech

CUNY law school graduate's controversial graduation speech

There are hundreds of politicians and media personnel condemning this speech and showing their love and dedication for Israel. Well, if you guys love Israel so much then why don't you show your love by being and living in Israel? Why remain puppets for Israel in America? Why are you making America a puppet of Israel? This speech is protected by the First Amendment in America. She has the right to express her views and opinions ... she conveyed the facts. Good job CUNY!

Talking about the fact that Israel kills and bombs innocent civilians in several neighboring countries ... it is simply "hate" for Israel ... its just hate speech. We need to simply stop hating Israel and turn a blind eye towards all of its atrocities, killing and land grabbing. We need to love Israel and support Israel in all of its murderous activities ... because that's what good human beings do. Isn't it?

Talking against the Israeli Government is not anti-Semitism
And by the way, talking about the atrocities of one government is not anti-Semitism. Being against, talking against or doing something against a simple common man only because he is a Jew ... this is anti-Semitism. She said absolutely nothing against a common Jew.

War on Terror – A concept being run in Israel since the past 50 years
The Israeli Government should stop hiding under the cloak of anti-Semitism. Especially the government run by Netanyahu. The moment Netanyahu comes to power ... common Jews are killed, bombed or attacked ... and as a response ... Netanyahu starts showering missiles on its neighbors. This is a routine gimmick of the Netanyahu government ... first, kill your own fellow Jews ... put hate and fear in their hearts ... and then start bombing other countries.

What is this? This is the concept of the "War on Terror". This concept has been designed by the Israeli Government against its own citizens ... they routinely kill their own citizens ... only to put fear and hate in their hearts ... and then start bombing their neighbors to occupy their land. Welcome to Israel.

This same concept was run as the "War on Terror" at the global level by the Jewish Establishment using George Bush as the frontend pawn. They routinely killed American citizens ... only to put fear and hate in their hearts ... to wage wars on several Muslim countries.

Why does Israel have a status above the President of the United States?
This concept was being run in Israel since the past 50 years. Its still being run by Netanyahu in Israel even today. Bush was condemned as the "Worst US President Ever" for his War on Terror. Try to realize one thing ... its okay for the Jewish Establishment to condemn, ridicule and demonize the President of the United States for his ridiculous wars. Its okay to call Bush .. the Worst US President Ever. But when Israel has been doing the same thing since 50 years ... exactly the same thing that Bush did ... then talking about it is simply "hate speech and anti-Semitism".

Do you see how the Jewish Establishment rates Israel even above the President of the United States? How does a tiny country of 9 million people have a status above the most powerful country in the world with 330 million people? How does a tiny country have a status above the most powerful man in the world?

Its ridiculous to condemn the criticism of the government
Do you see how it is against commonsense and logic to condemn the condemnation of a tiny country on the other side of the Ocean? Do you see how illogical it is to give a tiny country that keeps bombing others, killing others and grabbing other's lands ... a status ... that is beyond question, reason and logic.

The Americans who speak out against the atrocities committed by Israel ... its not even that they are lying. These are true facts ... Israel is continuously at war ... continuously bombing others ... continuously killing others ... continuously grabbing other's lands ... it is the "continuous beneficiary" of these atrocities. But even if an American mentions these activities of Israel ... then hello! You have committed a sin! This is hate! This is anti-Semitism!!

Why does Israel have a status above America? Why does Israel have a status above the US President? For heaven's sake ... even God and religion are questioned, reasoned and even ridiculed. So apparently, the Jewish Establishment ... and their puppets in Government and in the media ... want us to treat Israel even above God.

Jewish Establishment forcing Americans to remain deaf, dumb and blind like animals
Don't just question ... don't reason ... don't use your heads ... just nod along ... just agree to all of the shit that Israel does. Why does the Jewish Establishment want us to remain deaf, dumb and blind like animals when it comes to Israel? Why are they training us to be like a sheep or a cow ... and ignore everything that Israel does?

Or is it because ... they actually see non-Jews as sheep and cattle ... that are owned and controlled by them? Does this ideology train them and push them to control us in this manner? To maintain us as deaf, dumb and blind animals ... who cannot question Israel?

Just because the Jewish Establishment starts using dozens of politicians and media personnel to start yelling at the person who exposes or talks about Israel's atrocities ... it doesn't mean that they are right. In fact, it is simply nonsensical and ridiculous to condemn the questioning of the government of any country ... it might be Israel, America or Timbuktu. These are basic democratic rights of any citizen.

If Israel claims to be the "only democracy" in the Middle East ... then why are they silencing those who question the Israeli government? A democracy is by and for the people … it is not above the people. A democratic government cannot remain “unquestioned by the people”.

Why are they treating American citizens like animals? Why do American citizens have to remain deaf, dumb and blind like animals when it comes to Israel? Why are our politicians and the media forcing and pressurizing American citizens to treat Israel even above God?