Pro-Trump groups surprised that I am not helping Trump?
Yeah, I think they are used to the fact that ... every time Trump was in trouble we helped him out. But they don't realize the fact that ... Trump turned against us when we tried to help him ... he did this almost every time. He always tried to blame me for what is happening to him and he called our help "Presidential harassment". Let me explain.

  • Firstly, now ... if we try to help him ... his first reaction will be "aha, so you are behind this?"
  • Secondly, when I try to show him that ... this is what he has done wrong and this is what he should do ... then this is automatically "Presidential harassment".
  • Thirdly ... as a thanks for my help, I get hate in return. "I will shut you down ... I will do this and that to you."
  • Fourth ... during his Presidency itself ... he didn't change his track ... he didn't work with us nor did he stand up to the Establishment. Is he doing anything different now?
  • Fifth ... I am not the one who actually helps him. I only strategize what has to be done in each scenario ... it is SM Groups that step forward to make change at the ground level. During Trump's Presidency itself, they were fed up of Trump ... he didn't take any action forward and kept on falling in trouble again and again and again. Except for a few Pro-Trump groups, no one wanted to help him. I had to push SM Groups to help Trump for America's sake.
  • Sixth ... today, he has a long list of crimes ... of financing wars and pandemics ... of creating an insurrection ... issues with women, classified records, taxes, business transactions and on and on and on.
  • Seven ... Trump never asked for my help. I am not being cold towards Trump ... if Trump needed my help then he could have asked. He never asked. For example ... whenever I need Michelle's help ... I ask. I literally shoot an email to her ... she knows that I need and welcome her help. So, she keeps an eye on me and helps me several times without even asking further.

Trump is an unthankful and an ungrateful person
I hope you guys understand ... Trump has mostly been an unthankful and ungrateful person ... who always troubled me and created issues for me whenever I helped him. It might have been in the Mueller Investigation or jail traps or impeachment or wars or disasters or whatever. We helped him with everything ... every time I had helped him, I had to pull Michelle to protect me from the guy that I was helping.

This is Donald Trump ... an unthankful and an ungrateful person. I took the risk of helping him for America's sake ... for the people's sake. Now, for heaven's sake ... why do you guys want to push me in that mess all over again?

Uncle Biden knows what he has to do
Having a wonderful experience with Trump ... I didn't waste much time with Biden either. I told him everything that he needed to know ... and left him to decide what he wants to do. Why should I brake my head on a person who doesn't want to listen to me and who doesn't want to work with me?

Doesn't Biden know what he has to do? Don't they know about the Establishment crises? Don't they see the ever increasing debt crisis? Don't they know that they have to work with me? They know everything and they still sit there doing nothing. Apparently, Biden's economic plan is working ... look at the jobs.

What happens is ... at this moment in time ... when Trump might go to jail ... when Biden might lose the White House ... there is no guarantee that they will respond in the right manner to your help.

Yes, Biden has not been as negative as Trump. He has been very patient with the issues that I have shown in his Presidency ... might be because of Obamas. That's why I call him "Uncle Biden" ... he is a disaster as a President ... but he is still patient with me. So, I show him some respect.

We work for the people
However, both Pro-Trump and Pro-Biden groups should understand that ... our central focus is not Trump or Biden ... its America ... its the people that we work for. If our chosen Presidents play their role and work on reforming America ... then well and good ... otherwise, for the good of the Nation ... we have to move on.

Let’s broaden the spectrum a little bit
A change in strategy that I am proposing to Michelle is that ... instead of depending only on one guy in the White House ... how about we move the work to  535 members of the Congress ... to 100 Senators ... and to 50 Governors? Let's broaden the spectrum a little bit.

We were relying on the President for his own good ... our policies would make him a great leader ... he could easily get re-elected. But till date, there hasn't been a positive and constructive candidate yet. Our Chosen Presidents are busy minting money and allowing all crises to continue. This cycle can continue forever.

  • To break this cycle, its better to work with multiple points at the ground level ... at the Senate, House and State levels ... so that the movement is put into motion, irrespective of who is in the White House. We no longer depend only on one person to save America. This is the best benefit of broadening the spectrum.
  • Secondly, we get to test the waters. We get to see the Establishment's response and we can further consolidate our work and policies by defeating the Establishment in all of its gimmicks.
  • Thirdly, we get multiple points to respond to the Establishment. The pressure is not only on one person. The wider the base, the easier to respond to the Establishment.
  • Fourth ... when multiple points are activated ... we get a movement ... it cannot be stopped by one person or by one party. Becoz in the next steps we pull public support to get things done. Doesn't matter which party you belong to ... you have to support what is right for the people ... that's if you still want to remain in office.
  • Fifth, we can keep key policies with the Democrat Party and let this become a movement of the Democrat Party. Thus helping us get more Democrats in the Congress and in the White House.
  • Lastly and very importantly ... when we activate several points ... we can easily see which politician is good in this fight. It will be very easy for us to decide who we should give the White House to next. Till date, we are giving the White House to candidates based on "expectations" and America is only getting screwed. When we put things into motion ... we get to see and identify the actual candidates that will truly fight for America.

Obamas are already doing good in the sphere of security. But if we can move into the political sphere and then into the public domain ... then we can do wonders in this world. There will be no limit to the good that we can do together. Obamas will get to consolidate a lifelong role in this movement.

Let's broaden the spectrum a little bit.