So, the lovely Michelle Obama wants to save Biden as well as Trump … and she wants a strategy for the same?

Think out of the box
Okay fine Ma’am … if that’s what you want. But before I get started … let just give you a preview of how I do “system analysis”. This is one of the reasons why the SM Network follows me. If I have to analyze a person or a policy or an action … I don’t attach myself to the entity being analyzed. I don’t say something because I personally love it or hate it.

I put that entity in a glass box … and then I start analyzing how it will impact other entities in the realm. The most important entity that we care about is the people … the Nation. How a person or policy or action impacts the people … this analysis is done in a completely neutral and detached manner.

Have to evaluate both the pros and the cons
In this system analysis, we evaluate both the pros and the cons of that particular entity … of how the impact will be on the people. We enlist all of the good and all of the bad of the particular person, policy or action. This helps in the creation of scenarios … both good and bad … it helps us foresee what can happen next. Sometimes, we have done system analysis so well that it worked like fortune telling. Lol.

The person’s behaviors, past actions, ideology, connections and who he or she is influenced by … this gives us a pattern of what he or she will do next.

Obama, Trump and Biden
One thing you should understand that … SM and me … we don’t hate Obama or Trump or Biden. They are our candidates … we chose them … to make great leaders out of them. Our relationship is more like that of a trainer … just because your teacher gave you a failing grade, it doesn’t mean that she hates you. It only means that you failed in the task that you were assigned.

I am never anti-Obama or anti-Trump or anti-Biden. Its more about the “impact” of their actions and policies on the people. If they are doing something nice for the people … then we support it … otherwise, we oppose it.

All inclusive strategy
If you want an all-inclusive strategy that keeps Trump and Biden in the game then you have to understand the pros and cons that they bring to the game. If they bring their good side in the game … then good things will happen for the people. If they bring their bad side in the game, then bad things will happen for the people.

Designing victories
This method of system analysis is extremely important in designing victories. By understanding the pros and cons of a person or a policy … we can easily understand the victories and failures ahead. If we can hold back the cons of a person and bring his pros to the forefront … then victories are imminent. This how we can literally design victories ahead.

This is what I do in strategies … I design victories for the Nation and the world … and I show the failures and disasters even before they happen. By working with me, SM was able to do phenomenal things out there that they never thought was practically feasible … but we made it happen. It was a combination of strategy and real time action.

Impacts billions of lives
So, don’t look for affiliations or attachments … you might have been surprised that I even write against Obama at times. Its not about attachments … its about how things impact the lives of millions and billions of people. Keep the people in one hand and the entity in the other hand … and then evaluate how the particular entity will impact millions of lives … and then you will understand right from wrong.

Most of the time, you will notice that … if its right for the people in God’s light … then it’s the right thing to do. But if it is not right for the people in God’s light … then its wrong.

Selfish Bums
Let’s start with a common example between Trump and Biden … both are seen as selfish bums by several SM Groups. They are not like your Prince charming. Obama was not only charismatic but he was keenly interested in bringing change and reforms to America. I showed him an issue with the Federal Reserve and he immediately worked on auditing the Fed.

Yes, he failed in his attempt to audit the Fed … but he had the courage to stand up and take a measure against the Bankers. Obama wasn’t a selfish bum.

Why America is stagnant under Trump and Biden?
We are failing Establishment candidates and bringing our Chosen Ones to the White House but still there is no progress and there are zero reforms in America. Why? This is mainly because our line of thinking and objectives are totally different.

Examples will help … this is how we filter out and choose the right President for America.

  • Is he connected to the Satanic Jewish Establishment in any way?
  • What’s his past record with Establishment entities and Israel?
  • Will he fight for the people? Will he bring change for billions of lives?
  • Will he be able to stand Establishment pressure?
  • How closely he will work with us to do this?

These are just some key points that were used to choose Trump and Biden. Now, take a look of how our Chosen Presidents evaluate whether they should work with us or not.

  • How many girls is this guy banging? He is banging everyone.
  • Ow, he is not banging girls? Then he must be gay.
  • Ow, he is not gay? Then there must be something else.

Look at what we are thinking and what we want to do … and after they get the Presidency … look what these guys think and want to do. Lol. It’s a world of a difference … we are focusing on the lives of billions of people … while are Chosen Ones are making excuses not to do anything for billions of people that need their help. Our Chosen Ones are only interested in the loot from the Presidency … thus we are getting “selfish bums” in the White House. Who know nothing … can do nothing … and are in it only for the moolah.

I told them so many times … drop the topic of sex … nobody gives a shit about your or my personal lives. It’s the billions of lives that need our help that matters … but till date there is no progress. Let’s assume, if we use the same checklist on them … then would a Pornstar banger would ever be given the White House? A guy who goes around smelling little girl’s hair and fingering his colleagues would ever be given the White House?

Personal lives is something that no SM Group gives a shit about until and unless you are doing something criminal. It’s an Establishment gimmick to derail the work … and they seem to use the same gimmick not work with us. This only infuriates SM Groups and our Chosen Ones are removed from the White House.

So, the first pointer would be … stop wasting your time on other’s sex lives … it doesn’t matter who it is … you, me or anyone else on the team. Keep your focus on the people.

Barack Obama
If we want to talk about Biden … then we have to first talk about your Prince charming. It is only because of Obama that Biden was given the Presidency … if Biden was not connected to Obama then he would never get the White House.

Obama Pros. His biggest advantage in the game is Michelle Obama. You were connected with us since Obama’s first term. You know a lot … when compared to other candidates, that is. A good influence has been maintained for Obama in the Democrat Party … so that he can help in the change that has to come in America.

Obama Cons. Some SM Groups see Obama as slow … so slow that he is stagnant. He promises change but never takes the right measures to bring about the promised change. He mostly follows the Party … thus he stagnates America. The Biden Presidency was created based on Obama’s guidance and support that would bring change in America. Since Obama was stagnant, Biden failed … thus Biden’s failure is seen as Obama’s failure.

Thus, dear Lady … if you want to save the Biden Presidency … first, the Lady in shining armor has to save her Prince charming. If you can save your Prince charming, then everything can follow.

Joe Biden

Biden Pros. He is a nice guy … simple, honest, mixable … and working with Obama for 8 years as VP is his strongest point to be chosen for the White House.

Biden Cons. Love for the moolah is a little bit too much … follows the party … doesn’t do logical and factual analysis. He has absolutely no know-how about the Matrix or SM or the Satanic Establishment.

Donald Trump

Trump Pros. Worked independent of the Party using facts and logic … stopped all new wars and disasters during his Presidency, has the highest experience with Establishment and SM Groups among Presidential candidates. Directly faced Establishment pressure … was one step away from dismantling the Establishment.

Trump Cons. Love of the moolah, started financing wars, pandemics and the border crisis … insurrection, classified documents, scandals and several other criminal activities … no action on the Establishment but favors for them.

What is at play?
Without taking anyone’s side … take a look what all of these 3 doing? Trump is financing wars, pandemics and the border crisis … Biden is busy looting trillions at every turn … Obama is following the Party and unable to change anything. Does it look like all 3 have put their best foot forward … are we seeing the best of them or the worst of them?

All of the issues that we knew about them … all of their cons are in play. Instead of getting 3 great leaders for America … instead of wiping out the layer of disasters that the Establishment is … we are getting 3 more layers of disasters in America.

We had already alerted you of the disasters that were possible under Biden if things didn’t fall right … and that’s exactly what we have got. Biden talks jobs … but look at the debt. Biden talks Climate change but look at the trillions he is handing over to the same Establishment that he should dismantle.

Trump has fallen down to such an extent that he could face hundreds of years in jail … let alone get re-elected. In this entire scene, Obama is nowhere to be found.

Bring out their good side
If you want to save them … know that they are still loved … know that they can still get support … know that they can still play a key role in leading America … but we need to stop their bad side and bring out their good side.

An easy formula to understand what is good and what is bad is … what is good for the people is good … what is bad for the people is bad. Our 3 Chosen Ones should do good for the people and not bad. If they can do this … then we can save Trump from a long sentence in jail … we can help Biden get re-elected … and we can keep Obama in the lead game.

We can re-strategize very easily … but strategy is only one side of the coin. Just because I wrote something in your favor or designed a strategy with you in the lead … don’t expect miracles. You guys already got the miracles that we had to give. Now, you have to make the right moves to create the right change. It takes two to tango … show that you can fight for America and America will fight for you.