Will save Obama in one way or the other
Yeah, I will eventually save Obama as well. The first thing that we need to do is save America. Once we get our team to save America then we can create a role for Obama in the game.

There are two ways that we can maintain Obama in the game. One ... he should encourage Biden to work on change ... work on new reforms ... he should either get Biden or another candidate on the right track. This way, Obama can take credit for the right Presidential leadership in America and Obama will retain his Presidential leadership role.

The second way would be ... if we work with another candidate that is not connected with Obama ... then we can create a role for Obama within the Democrat party. But there is no guarantee that Obama will have access to Presidential leadership in this option ... as many see that Biden's failure is Obama's fault.

In the first option, Obama maintains top key leadership ... and in the second option, Obama works at the party level and not at the Presidential level. Either ways, we save Obama.

The priority is to save America
Right now, everyone's focus is on who will save America. Saving America is of the highest priority right now. Once we get the key candidates to save America ... then it is very easy to decide who will play at what level.

As per Michelle's request, we have Obama covered ... not to worry about that.

Joe Manchin can be an option
It will be good if Joe Biden works with Obama ... but if he doesn't then ... Obama should look into Joe Manchin. Joe Manchin might be planning a third party run. Even he can be a suitable candidate ... of course, provided he works on the right policies.

The key right now is to be open to all options ... options that are best for America.

Always treat Obamas with respect
I understand your frustration with Obama ... okay fine, he is the only US President who was pulled back in the game and got to lead America after his 2 terms. Obama is the only one who got this opportunity in all of America and in all of American history, probably. And yes, he screwed up ... even then he didn't lead ... and you guys are angry at him.

But this is what you need to know about the security module that Michelle maintains. When Obama says "hey, we maintain your security" ... it doesn't mean just two bodyguards by my side. There are several layers of security with intelligence agencies from several countries involved.

Security is an elaborate operation
My every move is tracked ... every place I go is tracked ... every residence I stay in is tracked ... even the people that I live with are tracked. I have lived in more than half a dozen different countries in the past few years ... at every single place I have been kept safe. The US intelligence was involved ... British, Russian, German, Turkish, Indian and intel from every single country where I stayed.

They have always kept things safe for me ... safe from Establishment malice and lawsuits ... safe from theft, abuse and fraud. There was a ton of different people I came across during travel ... and they kept me safe from every kind of asshole. It didn't matter if the threat was from a simple negative element in the residence or a Donald Trump in the White House ... they created the required security shells to keep me safe.

Michelle has earned this respect
The best part of this is that ... Michelle did all of this without asking anything in return. She knew that my work needed security ... she stepped forward willingly and selflessly. She is truly a wonderful and amazing person ... a fighter that we need in the game.

So, just because I write something against Obama ... when I show the drawbacks that America is facing because of Obama ... no way in hell will you ever disrespect any Obama. You will never ever go after any Obama like you go after Establishment elements. You will always treat all Obamas with love and respect.

Its not just an year or two that Michelle is keeping me safe ... its been about 10 years that she keeps me safe. She has earned this love and respect. Security is an important pillar in the game and no other politician has been so consistent with security like Michelle has been.

Yes, we are in a restructuring phase ... I understand the leadership issues ... but we also have to recognize the successes and the progress in the game. Yes, all of our common goal is Nation Management and America's success. Yes, I may show the issues that come with Obama and the losses that we are facing because of that. But no way in hell will we ever turn against Obamas ... we will simply restructure.