It’s Trump’s war
Well, let me break it down for you. This is fundamentally not Russia's war or Putin's war ... it is Trump's war. It will move at the pace at which Trump will sponsor it. The key purpose of this war was to create a disaster under the Biden Presidency in order to terminate his Presidency.

That's why you will see that Putin has been using the old and outdated weaponry ... soldiers deployed were inexperienced ... when Russia could take over all of Ukraine within a week, the war has lasted for more than an year.

Actual Russian capabilities are not used ... actual Russian force is not used ... Russia is not investing a single penny in the war ... all war movements are based on the funding being supplied by Trump.

Trump fears going to jail
Now, Putin is talking about peace negotiations ... because Trump has already been indicted twice ... and there are many more indictments coming for Trump. If Trump gets convicted and put in jail ... then his dreams of a failed Biden Presidency and himself getting re-elected come to an end with his conviction. Trump wanted to fail the Biden Presidency and show the world that he is the champion who stopped the war within 24 hours.

The key sponsor of the war can get locked up
If Trump gets convicted then there is no sense in sponsoring this war any further. It would be senseless for Trump to continue financing a war that will do him no good. Thus the Ukraine war will have no sponsor anymore.

Russia had cream on all sides in this war
Putin is a smart person. He had the war fully financed on one side and on the other side, he was getting as much territory as he wanted for free ... not to mention the booming oil sales. Russia had a trifold benefit in this war.

But now, since the key sponsor of this war will likely go to jail ... he is re-evaluating his sponsorship of this war and Putin is exploring peace negotiations.

Trump’s conviction – a major turning point for the Ukraine war
From the Anti-Trump Group perspective, Trump getting convicted and going to jail … will provide a major turning point in the Ukraine war. Hundreds of thousands of people have died and millions have been displaced from their homes in this needless war. A change will come for millions of people when Trump gets convicted.