The Black US soldier that ran into North Korea has no freaking idea into what kind of hell he has entered. But it is pretty easy to save him and Biden can get some good media attention by saving him.

All that Biden needs to do is call Putin. Kim Jong Un follows Putin's orders ... the moment you pull Putin in managing North Korea, it becomes a different ball game. You will find Kim Jong Un to be very friendly and cooperative, the moment Putin is involved. How do you think Trump created history by meeting Kim Jong Un? It was via Putin. Its mostly a publicity stunt ... but you will end up saving one life that is in the wrong hands.

One thing that you should understand is that ... North Korea can end up killing this guy. The last American that was retrieved from North Korea came home "brain dead". The drugs that they give him, they will destroy his brains and nervous system. As of now, you have no freaking idea what they might be doing to him.

Yes, the Black guy was facing some disciplinary action ... but no way in hell he deserves being brain dead and then dying all together. He has entered a different form of hell that he has no idea about. Its best to pull him out of there asap.

Putin is a good Christian leader that will help you manage issues in several countries ... with just one phone call. Its in America's best interests to be friends with Putin. The thing with Putin you should understand is that ... he is going to remain President for life. We gave him the formula for that and he has SM support for the same.

Putin was President during Obama ... Putin was President during Trump ... Putin is President during Biden and he will continue for as long as he wants to. Putin is an excellent leader against Establishment malice and he has very good control over a few key countries. Working with him can ensure world peace and stability.

Senators weigh in on who benefits most if Manchin launches third-party campaign

Read the above article ... about 47% of America would vote for a third party candidate. Which means that ... the majority of America doesn't want Trump and Biden in power. I told you this would happen 2 years ago itself.

Biden thought that Trump lost in leading America therefore I will get re-elected and Trump thought that if he finances disasters and wars under Biden then he will get re-elected. But none of them provided the leadership that they were chosen for ... none of them tried to solve America's crises.

It is because of their failure to lead right, America doesn't want them in power. It is them to blame and no one else.

Sean Hannity: There is a mountain of evidence Hunter Biden committed serious felonies

I guess the more Trump is going to be in legal trouble, the more Fox News is going to target the Bidens. So, technically, is Trump trying to protect himself by holding a gun to the Bidens? Firstly, you commit several crimes ... and then hold a gun to the President's head to let you off the hook? Does Trump actually think that it is a good strategy?

Millions face extreme heat across the globe

Yes, yes ... we are in the middle of July ... it is called "summer". Summer is being used as a climate change propaganda tool. "Uff ... its so hot ... its because of climate change ... not because it is summer ... its climate change. The sweltering heat ... the radical change ... please spend trillions more on climate change."