Heh ... Trump indictments are actually giving him a boost in popularity ... thus Fox News is covering Trump's indictments with fullscale headlines and full coverage in all of its segments. Lol.

Otherwise, in the previous Trump indictments ... Fox News was watching the birds fly in the sky as if nothing was happening down here ... or it was busy covering how bad the Bidens are. But now, they are like ... "Yay! Our guy got indicted! Our guy got indicted again!! Yay, yay, yay!"

Snail speed court cases
Make hay while the sun shines. The good thing about these indictments and court cases is that ... they are incredibly slow ... they are operating at snail speed. What kind of a judge gives a court hearing date after one full year? Its like ... "Ow, so you committed a crime? No problem, chill for an entire year and see me in court then ... and then, we will decide about the next hearing."

Trump indictments, a political show?
So, there is actually a chance that Trump can dodge the bullet and not get convicted. Democrats have been pathetically slow on this front and its actually helping Republicans and Trump. All of this can eventually be a political show that Democrats are creating ... which Trump can flush down the toilet the moment he becomes President. This political show is actually helping Trump ... boosting his publicity ... bringing him in the headlines again ... giving him a platform to blow his horn and rally people behind him. That's the truth about this scenario.

A Trump Presidency is always about saving one guy’s ass
Yeah, I know ... the indictments are motivating Trump even more to run for President. He can use the Presidency to save his ass ... but then ... what's new about this? This is how Trump has always been ... looting trillions, use the loot to save his ass and blow his horn. This is what he did for 4 long years.

Again Trump is running to become President to save his ass ... what's new about it? The first time he ran for President ... all SM Groups were united in saving him from all personal crises so that he could defeat Hillary and take America into a new era. That was the purpose of giving him the Presidency ... he failed on the key reason for making him President. Now, there is no Hillary on the other side ... we all know that Biden or Ron DeSantis or Joe Machin will not start a war against Russia.

Why does America need Trump again?
So now, what several SM Groups ask is ... what's the point of giving Trump the Presidency again? He does nothing but loot and blow his horn ... if anything more he does than that is save his ass. Why do we need this again for 4 more years, all over again? How is this any good for America?

The interesting part of 2024 is that ... Trump wants to take down Biden ... and Biden wants to take down Trump. But several groups out there don't want either of them as President. Because both of them are screwing America and don't give a shit about fixing any American crisis. What's the point of having either of them as President?