Well, technically this is how it would work. If Democrats are trying to use "conviction routes" to eliminate Trump from the race ... then they have 2 major options as per Pro-Dem SM Groups.

Option One. Conviction before the nomination
Right now, the biggest drawbacks of these criminal cases against Trump are that ... firstly, they are providing immense publicity to Trump. Trump has nothing new on the table ... he offers nothing new to the American people ... its the same old "blow your horn, save your ass and loot trillions" leadership that Trump comes with. But despite that, these indictments are providing a lot of publicity and media coverage for Trump.

Secondly, the court cases are dead slow ... the guy gets indicted and the court hearing is after one full year ... in which world does that happen? That the criminal is free for an entire year even before his first court hearing? At this rate, there are chances that there will be no convictions against Trump at all. And if he becomes President then he can flush all of this political show down the drain.

So, if Democrats or other political elements want to remove Trump from the Presidential race ... then they should convict Trump before he gets the nomination. This will give a strong reason for the Republican Party not to give the nomination to a convict. If Trump doesn't get the nomination ... then the game is pretty much over for him.

Trump can try to run as a third party candidate ... but the chances would be very slim for him ... as all of the media is either controlled by Democrat or Republican entities. Third party candidates fail in America mainly because there is no media coverage for them. Trump would enter a black hole running as a third party candidate where everyone is talking about the Democrat candidate or the Republican candidate.

The moment the Republican Party chooses a candidate that is not Trump ... then Fox News and all other Republican leaning media outlets will immediately abandon and condemn Trump and ask him to drop out of the race. The entire political spectrum will change ... and Trump will lose all key support points to win the Presidency.

This can happen only if Trump gets convicted at least a few months before the Republican nomination.

Option Two. Conviction after nomination
If the conviction happens "after" Trump gets the nomination then these are the technicalities that Democrats have to manage.

Firstly, being a Republican nominee means all Republican support will be in Trump's favor ... this includes the Republican Party leaders as well as Republican leaning media outlets. This means that Trump will retain major support from Republican political and media circles ... which means that he can still hog the limelight, at least at some good extent.

Secondly, if Trump is put in jail or under house arrest or locked up or whatever ... where he is not free to campaign or attend rallies ... this will again lock down a lot of media publicity that Trump can pull.

It will be very difficult for Republican leaders and media outlets to promote Trump when he is convicted and locked up. But this doesn't guarantee that he will not get publicity in the media. It will be embarrassing for the Republican Party ... but it doesn't mean that there will be no media coverage in his favor.

Thirdly, another technicality that Pro-Dem SM Groups suggest is ... banning felons from running for the Presidency. This has been done at the state level and implemented in several states that ... felons are banned from running for office at any level. This can be implemented at the Federal level as well.

If Democrats think that they cannot get a Trump conviction before the nomination then they should look for ways to create laws to ban felons from running for public office at the Federal level ... that includes the Presidency.

Note: Democrats should understand that … if Biden is replaced by another Republican candidate … then even this Republican President can try to nullify all charges against Trump and free him from prison. You will have to evaluate whether you actually want Trump in prison … or you want him there temporarily … or you just want to eliminate him from the race?

Removing Trump from the race via a conviction
This process ... from one view ... is quite pathetic and embarrassing for Democrats ... that they have to use a conviction to eliminate Trump. Biden could have actually been a great leader ... had he worked on the right policies, changed America and created good reforms. No one could match him ... Trump or whoever ... he could defeat anyone. We could give him victory on a plate.

From the second view ... Pro-Dem SM Groups see this as "protecting America" from Trump. Trump does nothing but loot, blow his horn and save his ass ... why the hell do we need this for another 4 long years? Trump gave us an additional debt of $10 Trillion ... with the ongoing debt that would be about $35 Trillion by the end of Biden Presidency ... do we need a total debt of $45 Trillion in a Trump second term?

The lovely gifts that Trump and Biden are giving America are ... debts of about $10 trillion in each term. The entire Establishment with Bush's War on Terror created a total debt of $10 Trillion. But our lovely Chosen Ones ... create a debt of about $10 Trillion every single term.

America is under a debt crisis under both Trump and Biden
America's situation is pretty pathetic. Its not that only Trump is in a bad situation ... America itself is in a pretty bad crisis. Biden likes to take down Trump ... Trump likes to take down Biden ... but the truth is that ... none of them are fixing any American crisis but both of them add $10 Trillion to the American crises.

So, conviction for Trump or not ... America will still be screwed if Biden doesn't change his policies ... or if we don't get someone else other than Biden and Trump who can lead America right.