A very Happy Birthday, King Barack. May God bless you with the wisdom, courage and consistency to work with us to create a new era for America and the world. May God make you one of the key leaders who will reform the world.

May God not allow you to sit on your ass and don't do shit while America burns in debt. Lol.

Thank you Meghan Markle
Thank you Meghan Markle for stopping the trashing of the Royal Family. I hope you find peace, happiness and success.

Musk is "lifting weights" to prepare for the fight?
Well, its a cage fight ... Elon Musk can fight any way he wants. He doesn't have to stick to Jujitsu. He doesn't have to play the other guy's game.

The best way to destroy the other guy ... is by destroying his game. Never play the other guy's game ... instead, play a bigger game that destroys his game and gives you power over him. How do you think we defeat the Establishment every time?

Knowing Jujitsu will help ... you will know what's coming at you. But if you play the other guy's game then know that ... he will have more chances of winning as he is generally good in his game. Instead, use fighting skills that don't even allow him to come close to you. The guy can use Jujitsu only when you allow him to wrap himself around you. He will jump like a frog and wrap himself around you like a snake. If you allow him to do this ... then he will play his game. But if you knock the hell out of him using other fighting skills like kick-boxing ... then he won't even get a chance to play his game.

Moreover, I watched a couple of videos of him ... he isn't that good in Jujitsu. He is just a beginner trying to do what the manual says.

I would say ... learn some Jujitsu, only to learn how to free yourself from him. But your winning stroke would be kick-boxing ... it will help you to knock the hell out of him and don't allow him even near you.

Russia to build ‘African village’


Mr. Putin ... bringing 3,000 families from South Africa and settling them in Russia is a nice thing. But that is no solution to the problems in Africa. Firstly, South Africa is quite a rich country ... there are several severely needing countries in Africa that can use your help.

Secondly, its better if Russia goes to Africa and builds Africa than just pull a few Africans to Russia. Building Africa will improve the lives of millions of people while bringing Africans to Russia will change lives only for a few thousand people. Africa needs tools and technologies that are extremely cost effective ... they need revenue generation techniques to support their lives. Right now, most of Africa neither has the revenue nor the tools or technology to fight off its poverty and starvation.

However, its great that you are paying attention to Africa and working with Africa. I like that.

Congrats Rahul Gandhi
Protect Rahul Gandhi. He is a good man from a good family.


The video is "woke"? Anything related to LGBTQ is woke? ... bullshit.

Being "woke" is about being socially active and getting involved in leading your country. Since when is "woke" being associated with LGBTQ ideas and products? LGBTQ products are "woke products", is it? They are trashing the concept of being woke by associating it with gays and transgenders.

Zelensky should not be allowed to go into Crimea.
This is nothing but an expansion of war. It will bring about nothing but the complete destruction of the city, killing of tens of thousands of people and the displacement of the entire city. It is simply ridiculous to go after Crimea ... it only shows Zelensky's plans for a never ending war.