So, Uncle Biden is wondering if I am going to ask him to rip up his climate change policies. This is what he should understand first … selecting the next President is a 6 hat strategy. There are several SM Groups involved … each of them operate with their own thinking, analysis and objectives. We have to think of how they think and operate … in order to understand what they want next and what they will do next.

When I write about Pro-Trump groups … I will write a different process and strategy. When I write about Pro-DeSantis Groups … I will write a different process and strategy and the same applies when I write about you. Because all 3 of you have support groups with different thinking, analysis and objectives.

So, when I write about other groups … then I will talk about ripping up Biden’s policies … his climate change hoax … ripping up all multi-trillion dollar spending programs. This is because … this is how Pro-Trump and Pro-DeSantis groups will operate … this is what they will want.

Don’t get confused that … this is what I will want from you as well. Because if you do this then it will come as a shocker for all top Democrats and you won’t be able to manage the movement in your favor.

Ripping up all policies not required
As far as your re-election track is concerned … ripping up all of your policies is not required. You can keep some policies. There are a lot of changes that America needs in several fields … we have designed several modules in the fields of media, corporations, housing, education, banks, manufacturing and so on. All you have to do is launch at least a few modules to retain your Presidency.

Each module is extremely powerful … it will bring about phenomenal change in its respective field … and it will give you very good publicity and support ahead to get re-elected.

Cash Concerns
One of the obvious concerns is the cash when it comes to ripping up your multi-trillion dollar spending programs … that’s for you and the top Democrats who are benefiting from the same. So, let’s say that we will not go after these major programs right off the bat. And even if we work on dismantling any such program … we will discuss the details with you and help you get your cash from an alternate route.

Your Party can’t do much once you are re-elected
Another thing that you should understand is that … once you get re-elected, you don’t need your Party’s nomination anymore. So, the Democrat Party and its top leaders become redundant for you in your second term and you can rule the country as you wish.

We had encouraged Obama to utilize this aspect to move away from wars … Obama showed zero interest in hiring private war contractors or sending soldiers to war zones in his second term. Because Obama gradually and systematically moved away from the War on Terror, Russia was able to get a sweeping victory against ISIS. Otherwise, we would end up fighting against Russia in Syria and Iran.

Obama chose to do what he wanted in his second term as he didn’t need his party’s nomination anymore. Obama’s gradual movement away from wars led to the eventual elimination of terrorism and the War on Terror during Trump’s first year.

Systematic Planning Required
Everything will be done with very careful systematic planning. So that your cash flow is not affected … so that, Democrats retain their leadership role … while we move with new reforms and change for America.

If you had planned with us before you hit the ground in 2021 … then we would not be in this situation of getting Trump re-elected or getting Ron DeSantis elected. However, you still have time to save your Presidency. All you need to do is move ahead with at least a few modules so that … all SM Groups know who to support for President.

Next Democrat President
Our projects are quite big … it will take a few Presidents ahead to get things done right. If you take the lead right now … then creating the next Democrat President after you will not be difficult. Democrats will win one Presidency after another, as the key leadership policies will be with you.

Barack Obama
Another good thing about your success will be that … it will be seen as a success for Obama as well. Thus Obama will also get a long term Presidential role in America.

Republicans favored because of your failures
As of now, Republicans are favored for the Presidency mainly because you failed to lead. Its gonna be Trump or Ron DeSantis in the White House if you don’t lead. And its not that you will only lose … the next Presidency will also be a Republican Presidency if Trump or Ron DeSantis works with us. A line of Presidents will be from the Republican side.

So, this will not be a one term loss … Democrats will lose again and again in the next Presidential elections. I think, this is what I had told you during the Trump Presidency itself … work with me and you will win again and again very easily.

At the end of the day, its all about what is good for America and the people. That’s the common ground for all SM Groups. Whoever leads the Nation in bringing reforms will get the White House.