So what if Elon Musk is calling Twitter "X"?
Firstly, you should not expect others to follow all of your advice. A good friend is the one who tells you where you are making a mistake. I am not among those who suck up to you and blow your horn while you are making mistakes. Trump always expected me to blow his horn and every time he expected this I told him that I am not of this category. We advice but it is not necessary that everyone follows every advice. There are several factors involved in decision making ... we don't know which factor is pushing them to make their choices.

Secondly, he owns Twitter ... he has the right to call it whatever he wants. I think he likes the letter X ... because he is a rocket scientist and he wants to sound sophisticated ... a little bit complicated and out of the ordinary. Maybe that's why he likes the letter X. Thirdly, we gave him the information on X being related to sex after he had already made the transition. He had already bought and named Twitter X. The input given was quite late.

X is the short form for Sex
Fundamentally speaking ... yes, Elon Musk might like the letter X for whatever reason ... but in the public domain ... in the entertainment industry ... X is the shortform for Sex. That's why XX is used for nudes and XXX is used for porn.

Since Twitter is also a public domain entity ... one of the largest social media platforms in the market ... what happens is ... when you call Twitter "X" ... you also automatically invite a connection to the entertainment industry. If Elon Musk takes a step forward to call Tweeting as "X-ing" ... then it complicates the psychology of the people.

For example ... like I mentioned earlier ... let's replace the words "tweet and tweeting" with the words "X and X-ing" ... and see how the conversation would sound like.

I will X about it. I saw your X. That's a beautiful X. Your X is extremely popular. Your X got a lot of likes. Your X got the highest amount of Re-X-ing today. I love your X. You X simply beautifully. I was X-ing all night yesterday. My X is better than your X. Let's X about it.

What this will do is ... it will destroy the very concept of tweets and tweeting. It will make everything weird and it might actually backfire on the very social media platform. No one will connect XX to be 2 tweets and XXX to be 3 tweets.

Secondly, apart from affecting the platform and its concept ... you would end up associating a major social communication platform with sex. You will never be able to overcome the concept of X being associated with Sex ... simply because sex is a very old industry of thousands of years and it has millions of entities working on the same concept all around the world. One social media company would still be a tiny subset in this industry, despite it being a large social media platform.

Elon Musk should retain the concept of tweets and tweeting
I understand that you like the letter X and its fine. But further customization of the platform to the letter X isn't exactly a great idea.

One thing you should know is that ... I don't generally get involved in personal or company matters. Most of the time I talk about issues that affect millions of people. But there are a few exceptions ... where I like someone and I tend to help them when they are making a mistake.

Among the few that I like
The first one in this category is Meghan and Harry ... I loved Princess Diana actually ... thus, I like both of her sons ... William and Harry. Meghan and Harry were making a mistake by trying to make a career out of trashing the Royal Family. I had to help them see how the Satanic Establishment is capitalizing in the demonization and ridicule of the Royal Family. These Satanists hate Kings and Kingdoms since they were always expelled for their immoral and witchcraft activities. They were repeatedly expelled over the history of a thousand years from several countries all over Europe.

It was the same Satanic Establishment with the roots of the same ideology enjoying and capitalizing on the ridicule and demonization of the Royal Family. I had to step in and show them what was actually going on. And it is a good thing that Meghan and Harry have thus changed tracks. God bless them.

Musky ... you are technically the second person that I am helping in a personal / corporate matter. I like you ... you are talented but humble ... you have immense potential ahead in creating a vibrant and active democracy for America and the world. So, don't get surprised if I write about something against you or your decisions ... its not about being against you as such ... it is just to help you to stop making a mistake ... its for your good.