No idea why Biden thinks that he can get re-elected with his current policies and performance. The biggest blunder that Biden is making right now is that ... he thinks that convictions will help him defeat Trump and get re-elected.

Biden doesn't realize that if he wants to remain in the White House then it is all about the "right leadership" to solve America's crises. If you don't do this then no one sees a reason to support your Presidency or re-election. It doesn't matter about the other guy ... the key thing is that ... you yourself have failed in leading America.

A failed President is trying to fail others
When you are trying to fail other candidates via convictions ... what SM sees is that ... you are pulling down others to continue with your failed leadership. If you were a successful leader ... if you were working on addressing all key issues that America faces ... then knocking down others is not a problem. In fact, you would get support in eliminating others. But that is not the case ... your own leadership is a total failure ... and by failing others ... you are trying to continue on a failed leadership.

So, technically ... its a huge question mark ... whether you will actually be successful in holding back Trump or any Republican candidate via convictions or via the general election. Because on this track under your leadership ... America's crises do not get solved ... America will continue to sink in trillions of debt every year ... your leadership doesn't help America in any way and it is only making things worse for America.

Uncle Biden ... before you focus on knocking out others ... you need to focus on your own leadership first.

Want to know something interesting?
Knocking out political opponents using legal tools is a tip that we gave to Putin. That's because ... Putin is already an established Christian Active Democratic Leader. He is ready to dismantle the Establishment ... he has taken Netanyahu up to task ... he is not afraid to handle all Establishment crises. In fact, he is eager to work on these projects ... the only issue is that our counterparts of the project from the White House have been lagging behind.

Secondly because, its a criminal Establishment ... the Establishment is pitching and supporting political opponents against Putin. They have tried to create several protests against Putin in order to dismantle his leadership. So, the easy way to dismantle a criminal political opponent is via legal tools. That's why you find that his political opponent is actually in jail.

The preliminary condition for this tactic to succeed is that ... first, you yourself should be on the right track ... your own leadership should be right ... you should be fighting the right fight ... and then your opponents will be taken down. But when you yourself don't have the right fight ... and when you yourself are wrong ... how do you expect to fail others when everyone is actually working on replacing you?

This is the key fundamental basis of becoming and remaining President that you don't understand, Uncle Biden. As long as you don't change ... as long as you don't show the right fight ... then the fact that you will remain President is highly questionable. There is no guarantee that you will remain President.