I am listening Musky ... I am listening. I have been listening to their tweets and signals since more than 6 years now. Till date, they haven't done anything but "signal". If they were genuinely interested in working with me ... if they were genuinely interested in solving America's crises ... then would have got in touch with me directly. They wouldn't sit there doing signals.

I am not the one who is not listening ... they are the one who are not listening. They sit there and do fake signals ... but the Presidency that is given to them ... it is real. And in real time, SM will take away the Presidency from them.

Biden thinks that he is putting Trump in trouble ... but he doesn't realize that he is more in trouble than Trump. Despite Trump issues, Pro-Trump groups see Trump as 10 times better than Biden.

Giving the Presidency to Biden was a mistake
Do you know what they are saying now? They are saying that ... "we made a mistake by trusting the leadership to Biden. We should have followed your advice of maintaining Trump as President as he was running a clean Presidency and he was filtering out all disastrous policies that Democrats were coming up with. Trump should have been maintained as President and Democrats should have been maintained in the opposition."

This is the formula that I had given them during Trump Presidency's last months. Biden was not changing any of his policies ... it would be a disaster ahead ... that's why I had endorsed Trump for re-election. But Trump made a major blunder in this phase ... he paid Democrats not to work with me. Trump was not working with me and he was also holding Obama n Biden from working with me ... this enraged SM Groups. They said F*ck Trump and gave the Presidency to Biden.

Today, Pro-Trump groups are saying that this was a major mistake ... we should have never trusted Biden. They trusted Biden as Trump was not coordinating and Biden had the Obama factor with him. Everyone thought that Obama will take up the fight and guide Biden to do what is right. The Obama-Biden team turned out to be totally redundant and useless ... they brought about zero reforms and didn't work on a single major crisis that America faces.

Greedy Grandpa needs to go home
Pro-Trump groups regret having chosen Biden. They have given the chance to Biden ... as per SM, Biden turned out to be nothing but a Greedy Grandpa who doesn't care for anything but his own pockets. They want to shoot down the Biden Presidency and give the Presidency to either Trump or Ron DeSantis.

As per Pro-Trump group's calculations ... if Trump gets the nomination ... even if he is convicted by Biden ... even then, they want to give Trump the Presidency. If Ron DeSantis gets the nomination ... then he will be given the Presidency. They want to flush out Biden from the White House. They say that ... Greedy Grandpa needs to go home.

Things are moving pretty much in the favor of a Republican President as of now ... thanks to Biden's inaction and lack of leadership.