We love you
For starters … let me make it clear that we love Obamas … both Barack and Michelle. You guys are among the Chosen Ones … the best among them … you have good moral standards, at least at a personal level … and we owe Michelle for the security shell.

We can’t treat you like we treat Satanic Establishment puppets like Bush, Hillary, Mitt Romney and Netanyahu. The key objective in pointing out the issues in your leadership is to create better leaders … create reforms and solve crises.

There are a lot of leadership changes that will happen in these 2 years and we want to give you a heads up … so that, you prepare well in advance.

Obama is stuck in repetitive cycles of his past
Without wasting much time … let’s get into the topic. Obama seems to be stuck in repetitive cycles of his past … he seems to keep on repeating what he has done before during his Presidency.

  • He used us to get the Presidency … he is still using us to get the Presidencies.
  • He never stood up to anyone … he is still not standing up to anyone.
  • He never created any reform … he is still not creating any reform.
  • He let everyone do their shit … he is still letting everyone do their shit.
  • He maintained security for us … he is still maintaining security for us.

There are no new moves … no new activities … no new reforms or changes or movements from Barack Obama. This fine gentleman is stuck in the past.

Obama’s formula for a successful leadership – everybody should be happy
Obama doesn’t like to upset anyone … doesn’t matter who it is … everybody should be happy. Obama doesn’t like to get on anyone’s bad side. Thus this is how Obama’s leadership turns out to be …

  • Hillary was running her wars … Hillary was happy.
  • The Establishment was making its trillions via the wars and debt based systems … the Establishment was happy.
  • The Democrat Party wanted an anti-Russian movement … the Democrat Party was happy.
  • Obama wanted to keep me also happy and thus his advice was … “go get some” … you also be happy.

Understanding the “go get some” leadership
We have pulled Obama back into Presidential leadership and he seems to be repeating the same formula.

  • Biden wants mass spending by the trillions … Biden is happy.
  • The Establishment wants these trillions … the Establishment is happy.
  • The Democrat Party wants Climate Change … the Democrat Party is happy.
  • Obama is making tens of billions via the mass spending on Obama Care … Obama is happy.
  • Obama’s advice for us is the same again … “go get some” … you also be happy.

The “go get some” leadership is about keeping everyone happy. Obama is a “be happy” guy.

But … what about America and the American people?
Take a look at the chart below and see where America is headed …

The budget deficits were about $200-400 billion during George W Bush … today we are doing 15 times worse than George Bush, the guy known as the worst President in US history. The American people are getting …

  • The highest debt
  • The highest trade deficits
  • The highest inflation
  • The highest cost of living
  • We are on the edge of an economic catastrophe
  • There is a major ongoing war
  • There is a world migration crisis
  • Tens of the thousands of people are dying and tens of millions are getting displaced from their homes and
  • We are on the edge of a world nuclear war

Does it look like “everyone is happy”?

Biden is burning down America and Obama’s advice is … go get some. Yes, go get some … America is getting it real hard in the ass under Obama-Biden.

Are you entertained, Mr. Barack?


Reported Obama’s Routine
This is basically how Obama is operating … reportedly.

  • Presidential Lottery. It seems … we are apparently a “Presidential lottery” … we should be used to take the Presidency. Obama sits there tracking who I support for the Presidency.
  • Make supportive gestures. Obama encourages his candidates to give supportive signals via tweets and via the media … that they will support us, protect us and work with us. This is done so that I endorse their Presidency and bring SM to support them.
  • Remain party puppets … no further coordination necessary. Apparently, the candidate should simply take the Presidency and flip … they should do whatever the Party says. They should ignore what we show and say … and they should simply follow the Party.

Reportedly, Obama is repeating this cycle with every candidate that he works with … Oprah, Warren, Biden and now Elon Musk as well. Obama has no plans for a revolution … no interest in any change … or in any reform … he is simply exploiting us and being a parasite on us only to get the Presidency … and then he sways the candidate away from the main course where the candidate becomes a party puppet and makes zero change for America.

Obama is not creating great leaders … he is screwing the chosen leaders
Basically, all SM Groups assumed Obama to play a heroic role of guiding all future Presidents … bring phenomenal reforms in America … bring great changes for the people … fight the Establishment and create a new era for America. This is what was expected from Obama.

But interestingly and amusingly … Obama seems to be stuck in repetitive cycles from his past … he keeps on repeating what he has done during his Presidency … thus creating a party puppet out of every candidate that he works with and destroys the entire program for change in America.

Compare with Trump … see how he operates
While Obama is stuck in repetitive cycles from his past … take a look of how Trump has been operating both during his Presidency and also post-Presidency. Trump was no Party puppet … we showed him how to dominate and control his Party. Trump stood tall with facts and logic … he was shown how to use the media to hammer out his opposition.

  • While Obama is still a puppet to his Party … Trump continues to dominate his Party.
  • While Obama has lost his Speaker of the House … Trump has installed his Speaker of the House.
  • Disasters and wars happen under Democrats … no disasters and no wars happened under Trump.

Why this difference? Because Trump didn’t treat us only as a “Presidential lottery” … he worked with us online to dodge every war and every disaster. He fought for victory in every place he could muster up the courage to do so.

Obama should understand that … Trump has already moved beyond conventional politics and he is able to operate in Active Democracy. This is something that you have never done, Mr. Barack. You have never experienced Active Democracy … you have no know-how of SM or the Matrix … Trump has already worked beyond your operations a long time ago. You had to learn but you chose to remain a party puppet.

Biden will be removed from the White House
The news for you is that … the majority of SM Groups have decided to remove Biden from the White House. I don’t think that this should come off as a surprise. We have been alerting about this since a long time now.

Biden is a disaster … I have been asked to design his exit strategies. I told this to Trump also in his third year … that I will only design his exit from the White House. He started fuming as usual. Lol. But then … he himself saw that step by step … the configurations that I proposed to lead America got the White House eventually. So, you can fume … but that’s what will happen.

Trying to fix Obama’s leadership
There are going to be many changes in America’s leadership in these couple of years. What Obamas should keep in mind is that … if Trump works with us with all guarantees then … then it will be a complete flush out for Obama, the Obama Coalition and Democrats for the next several Presidents ahead.

You should know that … Trump doesn’t work alone … it’s always a family operation. Which means that … even after Trump, his kids can still form a powerful force in controlling who will win the White House. The changes that we will bring in America … it will give several Presidents for the Republican Party. Democrats will get flushed out and the Republican Party will become the party of the people.

Start working on the creation of the next Democrat President
The urgent and important advice for Obamas is that … start working on the creation of the next Democrat President. Elon Musk is an excellent candidate … you can do wonders with him.

False assumptions to leave behind
If you want to remain in Presidential leadership … and if you want your candidates to remain President … there are a few false assumptions that you have to leave behind and work with a fresh and clean mind.

One. We hire and fire Presidents
This is no lottery ticket to go on a looting spree … Biden’s Presidency has been a disgrace. We pick the best guys for the “job” … it is a “job” … with responsibilities and accountability. If you don’t do your job then you will get booted. SM will do that … not me … I will just convey to you that you are getting booted for so and so reason.

Two. Don’t get hierarchical
Of course, Obamas are not hierarchical … but just for general knowledge. Don’t get big headed … don’t get bullish … don’t try to flex your muscles against us … and never ever turn against us. You are hired to work with us … not to turn against us. The Presidency has a “power factor” associated with it … and candidates get carried away. But at the end of the day … it is SM that hires and fires you.

Would you keep an employee that flexes his muscles against you? Turning against us is self-destruction … whether you like it or not … this is how it is.

Three. To hell with the sexual bullshit
Its an Establishment gimmick used to create friction and to stall the work. The Director’s private lives are off limits … if an employee is spying on the Director then it only shows malicious intent. Nothing good will come from an employee who is consumed by spying into the company Director’s personal life.

The more you spy, the more you consume yourself in sexual bullshit … the more likely you will get the boot.

Four. Focus on the job
You are given the Presidency for primarily two reasons …

  • To stop all disasters and catastrophes … like mass spending, wars and pandemics.
  • To bring great changes and reforms … like dismantle the Establishment, dismantle exploitation systems and create new systems

This is why you are selected and elected to become President. The more you stick and remain committed to these activities … the longer and the more consolidated your Presidency will be. If you abandon these activities then you will get abandoned from the Presidency.

Things are very complicated out there … I am trying to make it very simple for all of you to understand. Its not rocket science … its very simple and straight forward. Your priority right now should be to start working with Elon Musk.