This page is not anti-Trump nor is it anti-Biden … it is pro-people … it is pro-world. We might actually get a nuclear war in the world because of one guy’s self-worship and another guy’s incompetence. Obamas need to step in to manage this crisis.

These are some of the ongoing dynamics that would lead to World War III.

  • The Ukraine War. The Ukraine war itself is a major factor that can lead to World War III. It was originally designed by Trump to create a conflict between America and Russia so that he could flee legal prosecution in the United States and live in a bunker in China while the US and Russia destroyed itself. Biden has failed to stop this war … it should have ended a long time ago. Having the West pitched against Russia is exactly what’s needed for a world war.
  • Sanctions on Russia. Severe sanctions have been inflicted on Russia to contain the war but it has clearly defined the parties in a world war. As long as Russia is going to be isolated from the world … as long as sanctions will remain on Russia … it will only create the enmity required to start a conflict.
  • Poland. Poland was one of the key elements that led to the creation of World War II. It has strong Establishment control and it is always anti-Russia. Poland wanting to join Ukraine will expand the war and get several countries involved.
  • Israel – Netanyahu. The moment a third country gets involved, Netanyahu can strike Iran … he has been wanting to do this since more than a decade. The Establishment is keen on using Israel as a bait to start World War III. Netanyahu is back in power and it is very possible that this can happen.
  • Arrest warrant for Putin. Issuing an arrest warrant for Putin means that the West has ended all routes of negotiation with Putin and that they will arrest Putin if he steps on their soil. This is nothing but an invitation for war.
  • North Korea. This is how the chain of command works. Trump calls Putin … Putin calls Kim Jong Un … and Kim Jong Un starts firing missiles and threatens nuclear strikes. The fact that Kim Jong Un has boasted of hiring 800,000 soldiers in one day to fight against America should not be taken lightly.
  • Donald Trump. Kim Jong Un threatening nuclear strikes on the South when Trump is about to get indicted is no coincidence. Trump is probably back to his original plan of fleeing the US to a bunker in China by starting a nuclear war.
  • Putin meets Xi. At this very same moment, Putin meets Xi … is no coincidence as well. It is nothing but planning for a nuclear strike on the South … and how Russia and China will respond if America gets involved.

There are several leaders on the other side that are moving in the direction for a nuclear war … Zelensky, Mateusz, Netanyahu, Kim Jong Un, Donald Trump, Putin and Xi. What you are seeing out there is a combination of …

  • Trump’s self-worship and protecting himself at all costs
  • Establishment malice and
  • Biden’s incompetence

Working beyond the boundaries
Till date, the Biden Presidency has been mainly consumed by Biden’s greed to loot trillions at every turn … he has failed to solve any of America’s crisis, he has failed to contain Establishment malice and he has also failed to manage Trump, let alone surpass Trump.

  • Zelensky – Ukraine. Despite repeated requests, Biden has failed to stop Zelensky’s non-stop war. Biden has remained a puppet to the Democrat Party and sponsored a non-stop war against Russia. This is only serving as a factor that will create a nuclear war ahead. Biden should have ended the Ukraine war a long time ago.
  • Containing Trump. Biden has failed in understanding Establishment malice and how Trump operates in the international arena. Thus, he was not able to stop the border crisis, the Ukraine war or the anti-Russian propaganda. We ourselves trained Trump to work beyond the boundaries and surpass Establishment control. Biden failed to understand anything … he continued to be a party puppet and thus Trump still has more influence than him in several countries.
  • Russia – North Korea. Again Biden failed in understanding Russia’s key role in world stability and peace. Instead of working with Putin, Biden has remained a puppet to the party and thus alienating Russia even more and helping Trump in the process. Biden has no control in Russia, North Korea or Latin America.

Protesters will be of least concern
If Biden indicts and convicts Trump, then the protesters in the US will be of least concern. Biden should think what he will do when nuclear strikes will begin.

Can’t work against Putin and Trump at the same time
Biden should understand that … he cannot work against Putin and Trump at the same time. Your Presidency has been horrible and you are very low in approval ratings … this creates a path for Trump’s re-election … thus creating credibility for him in countries like Russia and Latin America.

If you want to indict and convict Trump … it is a must to first pull Putin on your side … and nullify Trump’s war creation attempts in the world. You should understand that Trump has worked with Putin several times to stop the Establishment’s wars in several countries. Putin has been a peace champion during the Trump Presidency.

Trump has simply reversed Putin’s role … by telling him that “Biden doesn’t like Russia … he is against Russia … create these wars … it will fail the Biden Presidency and I will support you when I become President.” Trump provides all of the funding needed for these wars. That’s why Putin is creating these wars.

  • The war is fully financed by Trump … it doesn’t cost Putin a penny.
  • It helps him gain territory.
  • It helps him mint money via the hiked oil and gas prices.
  • And it helps him root out an anti-Russian American President.
  • Trump can become the next President and he is promising to support Russia and its occupied territories.

Its all wins for Putin in this equation. Putin trusts Trump but he fails to understand that …

  • He is losing his credibility in world leadership.
  • Trump cares for no one but himself … Trump will take Russia into a nuclear war that will destroy most of Russia.

Take Putin on your side
The first thing that Biden and Obamas should do is … take Putin on their side.

  • Promise him negotiations to end the war.
  • The military support for the ongoing conflict in Ukraine will come to an end.
  • Give him some occupied territories if needed
  • Promise systematic and gradual end of all sanctions
  • Promise him that the arrest warrant issued by ICC will be ripped apart
  • Screw the party puppetry and promise to manage the anti-Russian propaganda
  • Unify with him to work against the Establishment
  • Promise him a great world leadership role

Trump can do all of this at the drop of a hat … as he is used to working independently against the Party to do what is right. Biden and Obamas should learn to do the same.

Nullify the possibilities of a nuclear strike
At a minimum, Biden should make sure to talk to Putin and nullify the possibilities of a nuclear strike by North Korea before he indicts Trump. And then he can work with Putin step by step on each issue. Working with Putin is a must if Biden plans to indict and convict Trump.