Here are some sex and security basics that Obama, Biden and Trump should understand and realize.

Sex basics
Sex is something that is private and personal. No one in the SM Network gives a shit about sex. Whatever you do in your personal life is whatever you do. What you are offering to billions of people ... how you are helping billions of people ... that's what matters.

Even if I walk in a public function with 2 Pornstars by my either side ... even then SM will have absolutely no change in how they follow me or in how they support my work. Nobody is looking for a Dalai Lama out there. The priority is the people and not who you bang.

So, if you guys sit there wasting time ... using "sex" info to stall coordination ... you might think that this scheme is a great excuse not to work with me ... but trust me, it will backfire on you only. You were made President to change billions of lives ... not to obsess over one guy's sex life. When you ignore changing billions of lives and remain focused on one guy's sex life ... then trust me, this is not why we made you President. No one needs a sex obsessed maniac in the White House.

Trump and Biden are no Dalai Lama
Secondly, if you look at Trump's or Biden's profiles ... then neither of them are Dalai Lama as well. And yes, both of you had issues with sex scandals ... and the norm in the SM Network is to protect team members from such scandals. So, the good news for you is that ... while you are President, sex scandals will not affect your Presidency.

If you observe ... both Trump and Biden were protected in the sex scandals. This is what SM enables for you. SM enables things around you without you even realizing who is helping you ... how they are helping you ... and why they are helping you.

However, the irony is that ... you use sex based bullshit to avoid working for billions of people ... while SM protects you from sex scandals because you are chosen to work for billions of people. Interesting, isn't it ... how contrary are the objectives of the members of the same team.

Security Basics
We are ever thankful to the lovely Michelle Obama for being our Guardian Angel. We love you and respect you. However, security is just the first step in the game. Taking the first step is important in the game but we can't stop with only the first step.

An example will help ... its a like providing security for a group of soldiers in a camp located near the battlefield. Providing security for the people who fight for your Nation is good. But then what's the purpose of security of a group of soldiers in a camp ... while the enemy is going around killing millions of our people and looting trillions of our Nation's wealth while we do nothing?

Yes, we are failing Establishment puppets from entering the White House. But the equation that we are getting from our Chosen Presidents is that ... they consider our support as a Presidential lottery ... instead of working with us to change lives of billions of people, they use sex gimmicks to avoid fighting for their people ... the Establishment goes around looting trillions and killing millions ... we are held on the verge of a nuclear war ... and then our Chosen Presidents sometimes also say ... "hey, we are the ones maintaining your security ... why are you writing against us ... keep on blowing our horn".

This is the exact state of American leadership. I have designed this leadership ... I have designed this change in America ... and all SM Groups are asking me "what the hell is going on?! Is this why we gave them the White House?" Now, you tell me what should I tell them?

We keep them safe from the sex scandals so that they can work for billions of people ... they are using sex info to avoid working for billions of people. We keep them safe from lawsuits and impeachment so that they can work for the people ... they threaten us with security when we don't blow their horn. They won't do shit for the people ... zero progress ... zero reforms ... zero change ... and we are supposed to blow their horn or risk our security? Lol.

It seems like a joke ... but this is what we have there. I am the one who designed this configuration for America ... all SM Groups are questioning every leader we have chosen to lead America.

Michelle has two responsibilities ahead

Security first. 2024 can be pretty darn interesting ... mainly because of the incompetence of every chosen leader. Anything can happen ... with Trump, Biden and Obama. SM makes those decisions and not me. I only strategize ... if our guys don't follow the strategy then my hands remain tied.

Trump screwed up in the strategy that we designed for him. We had planned to make him the Founding Father of Modern America. He self-destruct so much that he is probably going to be a convict instead. He didn't follow the strategy so I couldn't save him.

We chose Obama-Biden as a replacement for Trump's incompetence. Now, Obama-Biden have also screwed up ... till date that is ... there is still time for them to change. If our chosen guys don't follow through with the strategy then there is little I can do for them. I am doing my best to protect Obama ... but everyone obviously blames Obama for Biden's incompetence. How is Biden at fault when the guy doesn't know shit? He doesn’t know head or tail of the Establishment or of what has to be done in these crises. That's why they blame Obama who didn't guide Biden ... who didn't push Biden to do what is right.

Technically, I have no idea what will happen ahead in 2024. Its best to be prepared with all options open. Our Chosen Ones don't have the balls or the time to fight for America ... but they may have the time to turn against me. So, please keep an eye on them.

Change Obama-Biden. In this tipsy-turvy phase ahead where anything is possible ... we can still control what happens next. We still have the time to control who wins and loses in 2024. We can still control the flow in the Nation and the direction of the country. But I can't do that single handedly.

I have to show the SM Network that there is coordination from our Presidential team ... that some policies have been agreed upon and Biden is working on them. If we can show this then we can save the Biden Presidency.

As far as saving Trump from hundreds of years in jail is concerned ... if he is interested, we can create a role for him in the Republican Party. This will help us reduce his sentence so that he can work for America. Trump also needs to do some good work for Africa ... we will figure out the details once he gets into the team.

Its a tipsy-turvy phase ahead ... anything is possible. I am strongly protecting Michelle ... but how strong Obama's role will be ... it will depend on how well Biden will perform. In one way or the other ... we will see that Obama will have some role ahead.

Happy 4th of July!