Biden blows up trillions and brags about jobs
Yes, yes ... I know ... the only thing that Biden is doing in defense of his Presidency is ... brag about jobs. This is what Trump had done and Biden is copying the same. What basically both of them have done is ... turned a blind eye to all of the Establishment crises in America that kill millions and drain trillions. They are busy pocketing trillions while letting America burn.

They don't understand this full scenario because Biden doesn't know anything much about the crisis ... of how the trillions of debt is piled up ... of how the Establishment has set up its monopoly that drains trillions ... he has no idea what he is dealing with or what he has to do about it. So, as far as Biden is concerned ... its heaven out there ... he got the Presidential trillion dollar lottery ... look at the jobs, everything is fine ... nothing more needs to be done.

Obamas are family
This was the scenario with Trump and the same thing is repeating with Biden. Moving forward hereon ... we can't press too much on Obamas ... they are not just friends but they are like family to me. Yes, in order to be fair ... I show where the issues are ... where the inaction and stagnation is ... how Obama has taken America back to his old era where the Establishment was on a looting spree and our greatest accomplishment was averting a nuclear war with Russia.

If you look ... this is where we are back again. All of the trillions that Biden keeps on spending again and again and again ... who do you think gets these trillions? Its the Establishment. Instead of getting broken down, the Establishment is in party mode under Biden. But I can't press too much against Obamas ... if they don't coordinate and I keep on pushing them ... it might turn into friction. That is not the purpose of me reaching out to them.

No interest in solving America’s crises
We want them to save America and not to get in a conflict with me. Obviously, if they don't want to work with me ... then it means that they have no intention of taking down Establishment monopoly ... they are not interested in solving these crises. Biden has won the lottery and he is capitalizing on it. If there was genuine interest and common ground is doing what is right ... to stop what is wrong ... to solve the people's crises ... then the first thing that they would do is get in touch with me.

The Presidency is only a multi-trillion dollar lottery
The issue that America faces is not whether the Establishment is right or wrong ... the issue is that our Chosen Ones ... turn a blind eye to all of the crises and choose to go on a looting spree. We are not someone that you work with ... not someone you plan with ... not someone you strategize how to solve America's crises ... but we are just a multi-trillion dollar lottery for them.

This is where the glitch is in American progress. You guys are doing a phenomenal job in failing Establishment puppets ... but our Chosen Ones have no interest in solving America's crises. As per them, everything is fine ... look at the jobs. So what if trillions pile up again and again every year ... so what millions die due to wars and pandemics ... so what if we are on the verge of a nuclear war against Russia. Everything was superb under Trump and now everything is superb under Biden.

Don’t fret, expand the spectrum
What I would suggest is ... stop fretting over Obama, Biden and Trump ... we have already seen what they do. I am keep all options for them ... but there is no change in the status ... so, simply work on the next suitable candidate.

I am already trying to expand our outreach to Senators and Governors. Till date, we had restricted ourselves to Presidential candidates ... let's expand the spectrum a little bit instead of relying on just 3 guys to save America.

Increasing support for Ron DeSantis
There is considerable movement in support of Ron DeSantis. I am getting good feedback about him. So, here’s some interesting information about the rising support for Ron DeSantis. Its not that the guy understands the Establishment crisis in America or that he knows what to do … but it is mostly because of the failures of Obama, Biden and Trump to lead America out of these crises.

There are some interesting reasons why some SM Groups are moving in favor of Ron DeSantis.

One. Obama, Biden and Trump have failed
The three Chosen Ones turned out to be failures … till date that is. I don’t know what will happen tomorrow … but till today, they have been total failures in solving any Establishment crisis … they have not been able to stop the debt crisis … nor were they able to break Establishment monopoly or stop the trillions that get drained from America. The obvious option is to look for alternate leaders that America deserves.

Two. Ron DeSantis is Trump without the baggage
What many think that … either it is going to be Biden or Trump in 2024. But that’s not necessary at all … since Trump failed, he was removed … now Biden has failed, there are pretty high chances of Biden getting removed from the White House.

If you look at the policies that Ron DeSantis is coming up with … then they are pretty much identical to Trump. And DeSantis is pretty much consistent and persistent with his campaign and policies … pretty much like Trump. So, instead of moving from Biden back to Trump … instead of America shuttling between one disaster to another … why not go with Ron DeSantis?

Especially … especially when Ron DeSantis comes as Trump without any of his baggage. Trump has committed several crimes … DeSantis hasn’t. Trump is all about himself … keeps on blowing his horn all the time … DeSantis doesn’t. Trump has vowed not to take action against the Establishment and he has befriended them … DeSantis hasn’t. Trump stood against our work and tried to shut us down … DeSantis hasn’t.

So, the very amusing and interesting reason to go for DeSantis … is because he is Trump without the baggage. There is actually a compliment for Trump in this … that SM Groups actually like your logical and practical way of thinking and designing good actions and policies. You brought something new to Washington by working with us and understanding how to use facts and logic. They want to continue this … but with Ron DeSantis. Lol.

Three. Biden was supposed to take Trump’s work forward
Actually, the plan was that Biden should take Trump’s work forward. Trump ended all wars … Trump stopped all disasters and the bullshit spending of trillions on Climate Change. Trump was one step away from taking America into a new era by taking a stand against the Establishment and initiating new policies.

Trump didn’t take that step … he got scared and turned away from standing up to the Establishment … nor did he launch any new policies. Biden was technically chosen … so that under Obama’s guidance … by working with us … he could understand what has been done and how to take things forward. But instead, our lovely Obama and Biden have taken America back to the Obama Era of party puppetry where wars are waged non-stop and trillions are given to the Establishment entities again and again and again.

Obama-Biden have literally taken America back 4 years in time and screwed everything that was accomplished under Trump. This is where some groups see Ron DeSantis as America’s savior. Not someone who will save America from the Establishment but he will save America from Obama, Biden and Trump’s inaction, stagnation and continued disasters.

Yes, we are literally choosing a guy to stand up to our previous Chosen Ones … so that, their disasters can be stopped. Lol.

Four. Climate Change, Wars, Russia and Mass Spending
If you look at Ron DeSantis’ policies … then you will find that he is against spending trillions on the climate change propaganda. He is against this war in Ukraine … against spending hundreds of billions on Ukraine. He is pro-Russia … he wants good relations with Russia for assured world peace and stability. And you will not see Biden’s repeated spending of trillions at every turn with Ron DeSantis.

In short, just by replacing Biden with Ron DeSantis … America will save trillions in mass spending … wars will stop … and the world will move away from a nuclear disaster.

Five. Coordination or no coordination … DeSantis is better than Biden already
One of the major reasons why Obama-Biden were chosen to lead America is because they had the highest probability of working with us directly to solve America’s crises. But they failed to work with us … and if they don’t work with us now … then it means that it is pretty certain that they won’t work with us even in Biden’s second term.

Biden will continue on his looting spree … blowing up trillions at every turn … dump America in the highest debt possible for another 4 long years. This is exactly what it means when Biden doesn’t work with us. Why should we want this … when we can get Ron DeSantis … who can immediately shoot down Biden’s trillions of spending on Climate Change and endless wars?

Even if Ron DeSantis doesn’t work with us … even then a Ron DeSantis who doesn’t work with us is better than the Biden that doesn’t work with us. Coordination or no coordination … Ron DeSantis is already better than Biden.

And yes, if Ron DeSantis works with us … then he will greatly increase his chances of becoming President … he will not only surpass Obama, Biden and Trump … but he will surpass every American President in modern history.

Six. Obamas can lead from behind
Democrats will learn from Biden’s failure that “signals” are not enough … we are not a Presidential lottery … if you don’t fight for America then America will take away the power that it gave to you. In case Ron DeSantis doesn’t work with us when he becomes President … then obviously, Obamas will learn how things work with Biden’s failure … and probably, they will work with us then, to make the next Democrat President.

Getting requests for change
Since a long time, we are getting requests to create leadership options for America that does not involve Obama, Biden and Trump … and our Chosen Ones don’t seem to realize the change that can come next.

Apart from being Pro-DeSantis … there are several groups that suggest that … we take this work forward with more options. That is … we have to involve more leaders and America should not rely only on 3 people for its progress, safety and success. We will be involving all Senators and Governors in these crises … to increase chances of success for America.

All options are open for Obama, Biden and Trump … but several other options are also being considered … because everything is about the people and the Nation. Its not about just 3 people who are exploiting America’s crisis, instead of saving America.