Lol. Were they fuming when they were enjoying the trillions in loot? Lol. Yeah ... that's the issue with my job. I make the most powerful man on the planet ... using a strategy that would provide great results for the people. These guys screw the strategy and go on a looting spree.

The issue is that ... I am not alone in making and dismantling Presidencies. It is SM who does that. So, I have to kind of be the mediation point for the Presidency and SM. One is the frontend world and another is the backend world. Whatever happens in the frontend world, it is planned and designed by the backend world.

The guys think that ... they became President because I endorsed them ... they don't understand how SM works to create Presidents. And then they think that, their Presidency is getting dismantled because I write against them ... they don't understand the complaints and frustrations of SM Groups and how they dismantle Presidencies.

Things don’t happen because I am popular
This is not magic ... this is not just media and my popularity ... this is an entire backend world of managing the Nation. Whatever happens on the frontend ... it is very carefully planned and strategized with key objectives. Things don't happen because “I am popular" ... but things happen because there is an entire massive network that works on these activities.

Hillary’s realization
Heh ... Hillary had the best expression on her face ... that too for several days. I told her ... "Lady ... do you see these people in your rallies ... the media attention that you get ... the tours that you make around the country ... all of this is nothing but the frontend show. Its already decided that you will lose the election against Trump. What you are doing right now is playing the role of the losing candidate ... someone has to lose the election ... and you were chosen to lose the election." Lol.

And good lord ... you should have seen her face ... for several days ... of how she was looking at everything that was happening around her. Lol. When SM comes into action ... you will become nothing but one guy in a roller coaster ride ... where you will have absolutely no control of what's happening to you and around you. Everything will be pre-planned and decided before it is put into motion. And yes, Hillary was failed against Trump, despite Trump's sex scandals ... because, Trump was definitely better than Hillary for America. It was the right decision for the Nation.

Biden doesn’t know shit and didn’t care to learn either
SM was fuming with Biden and Obama in his first year itself. I didn't bother to say anything because I was dead tired with the Trump Presidency. The guy wouldn't do shit for America ... every time I had to save him and save myself from him. I didn't want this equation with Obama and Biden. Obama knew very well what he had to do ... he knew why Biden was given the White House. I trusted Obama and gave them some time to work on it.

Everybody knew that Biden doesn’t know shit and all of his policies are nothing but the dump that the Democrat Party took on his Presidential platform. This is the key reason Obama was pulled in the equation … to mold the Biden Presidency and make a great leader out of Biden.

One year passes by and Obama doesn't do shit ... and I get the information from SM that ... "hey, we are terminating the Biden Presidency. The guy keeps on blowing up trillions ... doesn't care to work with you ... nor do you care to guide him ... we are flushing him out." I had to stop them and start telling Biden what is going on.

The interface between the President and SM
I have to be the interface between the President and SM. Its great when the President works with us and he does great things for the people. But when the President doesn't give a shit ... does nothing but "signals" and goes on a looting spree ... then I have to inform him the wonderful things that SM is talking about and what they are going to do next.

I have to tell the most powerful man on the planet that ... "he is a selfish bum ... who doesn't know shit ... doesn't care to know anything ... and goes on a looting spree when his country is burning in debt. And now, there are several groups that want to kick you out of the White House because of your incompetence. Please either change or I will not be able to help you."

Its sad that I have to say this after 4 years of Trump and 2 years of Biden ... but this is what our Chosen Ones are delivering ... complete inaction and incompetence ... absolutely no interest in working on any crisis.

Its something new for Obama as well
Obama never faced this scenario during his Presidency. Well, Trump did ... just like the world came together to make him President ... in the same way, the world turned against Trump and took away the Presidency from him. The same is going to apply to Biden ... just like the Presidency was given to him by failing his opposition ... now the Presidency will be taken away from him. This is how SM operates.

I told this to Biden before also ... I told him to learn from Trump. Trump didn't work with us and chose to remain a parasite on our work ... and the only thing that he learnt from being a parasite on us was that ... who will terminate his Presidency ... why they will terminate his Presidency ... and how they will terminate his Presidency. This is exactly what Trump learnt by being a parasite on us.

Snap out of inaction and incompetence
The only way I can help Obama, Biden and Trump is ... by snapping them out of their inaction and incompetence. That's the only way their leadership can be saved. They might fume at me ... they might turn against me or whatever ... it will only catalyze the termination of their leadership ... it will not help them in any way. They were given the leadership to work on America's crises ... their leadership will exist only if they care for the American people.

If they don't give a shit about their own people ... then how can I help them?  If they don't give a shit about their people and the problems that they face ... then why do they even bother to be in Presidential leadership? Dude, if you don't want to work for your people ... then please go and chill with your family. They will find someone else more suitable who wants this job. Why take up a job that you don't want to do?

This is not me against Obama, Biden and Trump ... this is me trying to save them from SM ... trying to save their leadership roles. And I can't save them until and unless they work on America's crises. Its pretty darn obvious.

Instead of fuming ... try to understand what's going on and see how things can change in your favor.