Minimalistic Leaders
We are choosing these guys and giving them the Presidency ... making them the most powerful men on the planet and putting trillions in resources in their hands ... so that we can make great leaders out of them who make phenomenal reforms for the people and create a new era for America.

But interestingly, our chosen Presidential leaders choose to be "minimalistic leaders" instead of being great leaders. Facts speak for themselves ... take a look ...

When America is concerned ...

Look at the jobs! Both Trump and Biden brag about jobs ... jobs is the best thing that they have done during their Presidency. Its not like "they have done" something ... its something that just happened during their Presidency ... but they take the liberty to brag about it.

So if you have a job in America ... you've got the best thing that's possible. So what if you are having to work on 3 jobs to make ends meet? So what if you have to rely on 3-4 credit cards just to pay the bills? Just thank God that you have a damn job in such a scenario ... coz that's the only best thing that's gonna happen for you under Trump and Biden.

Averted a nuclear war against Russia. Both Trump and Biden have successfully averted a nuclear war against Russia ... see, they are super awesome. They just saved your ass and their ass from getting nuked. You get to live and not die ... you get to live a normal life and not in a radioactive wasteland.

So what if we are sinking in trillions of debt every year? So what there will be a major economic collapse on this track of $30 plus trillions of debt? Be happy that you are alive with a job in this scenario. Coz that's the best thing that's gonna happen to you under Trump and Biden.


They are "minimalist" leaders ... the least that a person needs to survive and live ... that's the greatest accomplishment that they will ever make.

Presidential Treatment
Its not just about Americans ... look at me also ... they say that I am getting "Presidential treatment" it seems. And what do I get in this Presidential treatment?

  • Get to live. I am kept safe and I get to live.
  • Get food. Minimal financial security is maintained so that I can eat. So awesome.
  • Go get some. And the most generous thing that has ever been offered by our lovely President Barack Obama is ... go get some.

Voila! See the lovely Presidential life that I am living ... I get food and pussy. So freaking awesome ... could anyone ask for anything more in this world? Lol.

The guys that we have chosen for greatness ... are actually the most minimalistic leaders possible ... on the positive side. Otherwise, there are shittier leaders than this as well … who are bent on destroying everything. The best ones that we have chosen from what's available out there for greatness ... happen to be minimalistic leaders.

Its a fact. I am trying to snap them out of this minimalistic leadership and pull them on a path of greatness ... and guess what ... they are making every excuse possible to stick to this minimalistic leadership. Lol. And I am having to pull Michelle in the game to ... please put some sense into these guys ... please some put some sense in these guys.

I guess, making great leaders is not that easy. It requires some effort from the other side as well.

I didn't tell them?
I told them everything ... they know everything that has to be done ... but they haven't taken a single step forward. You take a look of what they had to do and what they are doing.

Political Network
They had to basically network with Senators and House Reps at the National Level and work within the United Nations to bring about change within America as well as at the global level. This is what they had to do ... now, look what they are doing.

Let alone create a network at the national and international levels ... they don't even care to connect with us. They prefer the parasite mode ... where they simply dodge disasters ... stick to power and continue the loot.

Security and Intelligence Network
We basically had to create a network for security and intelligence as well. We had to pull the best intel technologies from Germany, Japan and Russia ... they had to work with American intel to combat the intel tactics and gimmicks used by the Establishment.

The security network should have been designed not to keep only myself safe ... but my entire team and billions of people around the world. Have they taken a single step in this direction? Not a single step forward ... and tend to be as minimal as possible saying ... "hey, we keep you safe".

Financial Network
The Establishment is a massive network. To defeat this network, we had planned to create networks in several fields so that we had unbeatable support via political, security, intelligence and even finance networks. They had to basically connect with sponsors from several countries to support the work.

And look what they do ... forget about sponsoring the work, the work has not even begun ... and they only care about how they can pocket trillions at every turn.

By creating these networks in the spheres of politics, security, intelligence and finance we had to revolutionize several fields in America and around the world. This is the plan for which we choose these "Chosen Presidents".

It is because of this plan that all SM Groups rally, support and get votes for our Chosen Presidents. It is for new reforms ... it is for a new era for America that these guys are chosen ... and what do they do? They don't do shit.

They just use us as a lottery ... go on a looting spree ... won't change shit for America. How do you expect SM Groups to continue supporting such Chosen Presidents who they see as frauds and parasites?

Be happy to be alive, America
The best things that these guys have done is the most minimalistic things possible. The American people should be happy to be alive with a job and I should be happy because security is maintained for me. Otherwise, it is "or else". Lol. And if Obama is very happy ... I can also go get some. So awesome, isn't it? Security and pussy is why we want these guys in the White House, apparently.

No, please don't tell me that ... they don't know what has to be done. The very purpose of pulling Obama in the game is because he knows the crisis and he knows what has to be done. All of them know it very well.

When it comes to others … they are as minimalistic as possible … but when it comes to themselves … they want to be the most powerful man on the planet and loot trillions at every turn. Lol. This is what America is dealing with and this is what Michelle has to change.