Indictments are good publicity
What's the point of indicting Trump when he can simply rip up all of the indictments against him if he becomes President? The indictments are giving Trump good publicity ... something that he has been lagging since a long time. It has also given him a good lead over Ron DeSantis. Secondly, the indictments motivate Trump to become President even more ... because by becoming President, he will have all the power that he needs to rip up all of the indictments that he can.

If these guys can't convict Trump when he is not President ... do you think they will be able to convict him when he becomes President?
Some SM Groups think that ... these indictments of Trump were designed by some elements from the Democrat party to help Biden win his re-election. But till date, the indictments have only worked in Trump's favor. It is not helping Biden win his re-election ... but it definitely seems to help Trump win his re-election.

Trump was muted in the media
The Democrat Party should realize that ... Trump was kept off the media ... nobody wanted to talk about him or publicize what he says ... mainly because he is a self-obsessed person who is always busy worshipping himself. Giving Trump a platform only means giving him a platform to blow his horn.

Indictments helped Trump
Before the indictments, Trump was running head to head with Ron DeSantis ... but after the indictments, Trump has twice the lead from Ron DeSantis. Technically, the indictments helped Trump. It was already informed to the Democrat Party that ... "indictments are going to help Trump and only a conviction will stop Trump".

The Democrat Party has itself given a platform to Trump via indictments and made him a frontrunner in the race. Instead of taking down Trump, the Democrat Party is making sure that Trump will take down Biden. Lol.

Trump wants to run for President from prison?

On the other hand, we have Trump who wants to run for President from prison. No, Mr. Trump … once you are convicted … the Presidency is pretty much over for you. This is what you need to look into.

  • Defeated when President. Firstly, Biden defeated you when you were not in prison ... he defeated you when you were in the White House. Do you actually think that your course from President-to-prison will win you the White House?
  • How will you campaign? Secondly, how will you campaign? How will you attend rallies across the nation? Don't you think that it will be the most embarrassing thing for the Republican Party that their candidate is in prison? Will they allow you to do a video call from prison? If you won't be there in the rallies then who will campaign for you? All that Biden needs to do is make sure that you are locked up.
  • Will they give you the nomination? Thirdly, do you even think that the Republican Party will give the nomination to a guy in prison? It will be an obvious loss for the Republican Party to nominate a convict. They will not take that risk ... in fact, they will use it as a good reason not to give you the nomination. In this case, Biden has to convict you before the nomination.
  • What are you doing for America? Fourth, what's special about you that America should give you the victory and make you President? What are you going to do anything different? You were already given a chance and you screwed up ... didn't solve any crisis, went on a looting spree and blowing your horn. Why should America want a guy who does nothing but loot and blow his horn? Even when you are removed from the White House, you don't show any change. You don't provide any reason to support your Presidency.
  • Ban felons from running for President. Fifth, what if Democrats create a law to ban felons from running for President? There are quite a number of Republicans who don't want you in the White House. Creating a law to ban felons from running for President is not difficult at all. In fact, several states have already enacted such a law at the state level.

Right now, Trump is in the indictment phase … this phase is actually working in his favor as of now. The indictments are getting him good publicity … getting him a platform to promote himself … but things can drastically change if the convictions begin.

The second good thing for Trump in this phase is that … the lawsuits are moving at an incredibly slow speed. Which means that the likelihood of a conviction before nomination or before the general election is quite low. As of now, both of these factors are working in the Republican Party’s favor and in Trump’s favor. Despite indictments, this legal process is actually helping the Republican Party and Trump.