As of now, this is the scenario of each candidate.

Donald Trump
He is technically the most disliked person in the race ... mainly because he was busy blowing his horn and looting trillions when he should have saved America. He came with a "Make America Great Again" slogan ... doesn't do shit for one full year and then says ... America is already great so my next slogan is "Keep America Great".

Everybody already knows that our Chosen Presidents don't know what has to be done ... so, they expect coordination, understanding, an open mind and the use of logical thinking and decision making. Instead of doing this ... what they have done is ... they say "I will make America great again! I will make America great again!" And once the Presidency is given to them ... they switch, don't do shit, don't make any major reform, go on a looting spree and call themselves the greatest President ever ... even better than George Washington and Abraham Lincoln.

This is the reason Trump is the person who is disliked the most by SM Groups. This is his negative side. However, he has some groups in favor of him ... since he also happens to be the one who coordinated the most via the online mode and at least, he took a few actions to stop wars and disasters from happening ... and supported some positive policies.

Joe Biden
What everyone expected was that ... since Biden was backed by Obamas ... Obama already knows all of the crises in America created by the Establishment thus he would help Biden to take America forward from Trump's hands. But unfortunately, instead of taking anything forward ... Biden fell to party puppetry and started doing many things opposite to Trump.

He re-started the anti-Russian propaganda, he re-started endless wars, he worked against oil and gas to support his Climate Change agenda channelizing hundreds of billions to China and he created several additional multi-trillion dollar spending programs which resulted in the highest inflation and cost of living than ever.

So, technically Biden didn't do anything better than Trump ... but by being opposite to Trump ... he ended up creating a multi-disaster Presidency. As far as America is concerned, Biden is a much bigger disaster than Trump ever was.

This is his negative side. However, he also has a good side ... many SM Groups like Biden because he kept me and my work safe by working with Obamas. That's the only thing positive thing that he did apart from stopping a nuclear war against Russia. So, the current overall opinion of Biden among SM is that ... they don't dislike him ... they see him as a nice guy ... but they also think that he is incompetent ... who is not strong enough to make logical decisions and someone who is puppeted by the party.

If Biden is worse than Trump then why don't they hate Biden?
This is a good question. Trump made a truck load of promises ... and he flipped on those promises. Biden didn't make any promises ... he didn't come with a Make America Great agenda ... no one had any expectations from him ... thus, there are no disappointments when Biden fails. Thus, they don't hate him ... they just know that he can't handle it and they think he is incompetent.

Trump made a hundred promises ... hogged all of the limelight ... got billions worth of media publicity ... everything he said was maintained in the headlines because everyone had great expectations from him. But Biden didn't do any of that ... the poor guy had just two dozen honking cars in his rallies ... he wasn't given billions worth media publicity nor is he maintained in the headlines.

Since Uncle Biden never took any action against us and kept us safe ... since he was from the Obama team ... they see him as "one of the good ones who failed". That's why there isn't much dislike or hate towards him ... but since he failed to lead America they are obviously looking for replacements.

Ron DeSantis
Here is where Ron DeSantis is coming into the picture. He is technically addressing the drawbacks of both Presidents ... Trump and Biden. He doesn't blow his horn and worship himself like Trump ... he doesn't resort to disastrous measures of multiplying the pandemic and creating wars to destroy the opponent's Presidency ... he seems like an honest and sincere candidate. To add to that, he has taken all of Trump's policies to create a platform for himself ... which means that he will carry forward all of the good done by Trump.

And when compared to Biden, Ron DeSantis is already committing to ripping up all of Biden's mass spending policies including the Climate Change hoax being used to blow up trillions of taxpayer money, most of which is being channelized to China. He is Pro-Russia and he will end the Ukraine war ASAP ... which means no new wars and an era of peace under Ron DeSantis.

America's movement under no coordination
This will be the acquired scenario for America without any direct coordination at all. By simply replacing Trump and Biden with Ron DeSantis ... all problems that come from both, Trump and Biden, will come to an end. Thus, we can go back to our main focus of Establishment malice, monopoly and crises. Otherwise, the Trump Presidency was all about saving one guy's ass or save the world from his blunders ... and what's worse is ... Biden doesn't even change when alerted, he goes full speed ahead with his multi-trillion spending programs, simply because he got the votes from the Congress. Yes, unfortunately ... since our candidates don't know how to manage and end the Establishment crises, trillions will still continue to drain and trillions of debt will still continue to pile up even under Ron DeSantis.

That's why, I have kept the option open for all candidates for direct coordination ... so that we can end all of these crises for good. There will be a major turning point for America and for the candidate that will work directly with me.

America will see revolutions in several fields ... Biden can get re-elected and Democrats can win the next Presidencies ... or ... Ron DeSantis can close the gap in Trump's lead, get the nomination and become President ... or Trump can win despite getting convicted and become President. Anything can happen ahead.

President Convict Donald Trump is actually a possibility
Now, here is the interesting part in this crazy world of SM and the Establishment crises that America faces. Trump is already indicted … it is very much possible that he will get convicted … but even then, if he commits to reform America and works with us to break Establishment monopoly … then he can still become President.

His political career is already historic … for the wrong reasons … but it can also become crazy as hell historic. From a nobody, he becomes President … loses his re-election and falls to become a convict … and then rises again to become President from being a convict. It can be one crazy ride for Trump and America.

Why will SM help a convict become President?
Firstly, the crises that America faces … it is a multi-trillion dollar crisis that affects not only hundreds of millions of Americans but it also affects billions of people around the world. The scale of goodness that these reforms will bring … it is simply too enormous to be compared to one guy’s crimes … especially when there is no one else to take the lead.

We have been inviting Biden and Obama to take the lead … but there is no response since about 3 years now. Ron DeSantis is totally new and he is also not in touch yet. So, if Trump steps forward to work with us and he takes up this fight … then why would you think that SM will hold him back? Until and unless there is some malicious intent in the backend that SM is aware of … there is no reason to stop something great and beautiful to happen for billions of people.

Secondly, the US doesn’t have a law that can stop Trump from being President even if he is convicted. Thirdly, Trump did many bad things post-Presidency to make Biden fall … but his Presidency was pretty good, pretty clean and he made some very good decisions that Obama and Biden never made during their entire political lives.

Like I said before … Trump is the best and the worst in the team. So, if Trump leaves his bad side behind and moves forward with his good side … then anything can happen.