DeSantis' team is saying that ... it is good enough to be a strong second. Which means that even he is banking on Trump falling due to convictions ahead. That's interesting ... Kamala Harris is banking on Biden kicking the bucket ... Biden is banking on Trump falling ... Trump is banking on Biden failing ... and Ron DeSantis is banking on Trump falling.

Its amusing to see that ... the top political leaders in America bank on the other candidate being failed in one way or the other. Its not that they have something great to offer ... its not that they can provide great leadership ... but their strategy is ... "Okay, so you screwed up ... now, its my turn". Lol.

America getting one failed President after another
The current President is a failure … the next guy being brought into the game is only waiting for the current guy to fall so that he can take his place. Its not that the next guy knows what to do … or that he is a better leader … or that he can solve America’s crises. America is getting leaders who just enjoy and wait for the current guy to fail. Because of this failure to understand … the failure to have any solutions … the failure to solve any crisis … America is getting one failed President after another.

First Trump failed … then Biden failed … and there is no guarantee that the guy next guy will be any different because none among the top American leadership know what has to be done and how things have to be resolved.

Learn the game Ron DeSantis
Ron DeSantis ... Ron DeSantis ... you can be a great leader. You don't have to sit and wait for someone to fall. Biden did exactly that in 2020. He did nothing but capitalize on anti-Trumpism and Trump's lack of leadership to solve America's crises. Biden had no solutions ... in fact, he had disastrous policies with him. He banked on Trump's fall and released his disastrous policies that only warmed up his pockets. The end result of the Biden Presidency is that ... America has a multi-disaster Presidency and no one wants Biden for a second term. Its not about his age ... its more about the fact that he hasn't done shit for America. He brought no reforms ... he is not able to handle any crisis ... and he himself has unleashed several very bad policies.

You don't want to be Biden 2.0 or Trump 2.0 ... none of them were able to solve America's crises ... both of them ended up being failed Presidents. You are a good guy ... we like you. Instead of being only a good guy ... you can also be a great leader. We are interested in making you and seeing you as a great leader for America and the world.

Connect with us, understand and lead right ... you have nothing to lose ... connect, understand and lead right.