Okay ... so there seems to be an attempt to change the situation. Boss-Bama is saying that ... yes, Biden will call you. Michelle is saying that ... we are moving as fast as we can. And Biden is saying that ... we will get it done at the earliest ... probably ... that's if I am reading things right.

Okay fine ... if that's the case ... then thank you Mr. Barack Obama for finally stepping forward and encouraging your VP to take the first step to do what is right. Secondly, thank you lovely Michelle Obama for encouraging both to move forward.

Why the signals?
As far as SM is concerned ... all of this is still signals and rhetoric with no real action ... yet. There is nothing definitive or real about it. Phrases like ... "we will ... moving as fast as we can ... at the earliest" ... all of these terms do not have actual definition in time.

So, let's try to do things in a more definite and in a measurable manner in real time ... so that, we can help you in the process. If the above comments are actually true that you guys finally want to take the first step of directly working with me then ... can you at least send one intel guy or a police officer to my residence ... to inform me when you are planning to call me?

Today? Tomorrow? Day after? This week? Next week? When exactly? Lol. I am not trying to joke ... but this "contacting thing" has become a kind of joke since it has prolonged over the 6 past years. Yes, I see your signals now ... and I have been seeing your signals since the past 6 years as well. There hasn't been much progress other than "using signals". SM doesn't believe in signals ... and I have told you this several times.

The promise for change should be true
However, if you are true and honest ... then send your guy to my residence and let's fix a day and time to have an introductory chat. I don't need Biden to call me right now or to transfer billions into my account right now ... since you are guys are working on it "at the earliest". At least, can you send one guy who can say ... "okay ... I have been sent by so and so person ... and we will have a chat at so and so time on so and do day". I don't think its too much to ask ... especially when you guys are trying to team up with me to create revolutions around the world.

Yes, I am trying to "verify" whether your signals are actually true. Its not that I don't trust you ... but I like to make sure that things are on track ... I like to measure and verify things ... I like to provide realistic change for the people and not just blank promises. America needs true and honest leaders.

Do you know why SM doesn't believe in "signals" for contact anymore?
Because what they have observed is that ... Obama and Trump think that ... "if I write good then good things happen for the person and if I write bad then bad things happen to the person." Trump has repeatedly used these signals to say that ... he is contacting us, he is contacting us, he is contacting us ... only to create false hope ... so that I write something nice about him.

These "signals" were not actually about working with me or changing America or about bringing reforms ... he just wanted to create false hope so that I start rallying SM Groups to save him from his problems, investigations, impeachment or whatever. There was no intention of actually bringing about any good at all. It was always about saving and helping himself. That's why SM sees Trump as a selfish, ungrateful and an unthankful person.

This repeated use of "signals" not only created a loss of trust in Trump ... but they lost trust in this very activity itself. Not only Trump ... if any other leader uses these signals to say "we will contact you ... we will work with you ... we will do this together or whatever" then ...

  • The first thing that they question is ... if you really want to contact then why are you sitting there using signals. Why don't you make the contact already, instead of signaling?
  • The next thing that they will do is try to analyze ... why the signals ... what do you need? We already made you President and you are still trying to use us while doing nothing that you were chosen for?

At some point, some leaders might be honest with their signals ... but this signaling thing has been so repeatedly misused that ... it actually backfires on the ones trying to use it. They don't like this activity nor do they like the ones who repeatedly use it with other intentions.

That's why I said ... don't waste time with signals ... instead directly send someone to inform me and we will take things forward from there. This makes things direct and simple.

Leave the sex talk aside
Another thing that has been an issue during this contact phase is the "sex talk". Just leave it aside ... no one among the SM Network cares who you have banged, are banging or will bang. Nobody gives a shit about it ... in fact, if you are having an issue in this zone then they will help you out.

Why do they do this? Because sex is something that is private and personal ... and it affects just two or a few lives. Our work impacts millions and billions of people and such minor topics are of no concern to the project. This is why Trump and Biden were protected in the sex scandals during their Presidency.

Sex talk is a waste of time and at the most it simply stalls the work. It’s actually Establishment malice that should not be entertained. If you entertain such topics or if you use such topics to avoid working with us ... then it actually backfires on you and your Presidency.

Trump thought that it was a great gimmick ... he wanted to copy the Establishment in some of its schemes. But every time Trump used the sex card, it always backfired on him.

How to manage sex talk?
Firstly, don't entertain it. Secondly, if anyone is trying to create a scandal out of it then shoot it down. This doesn't apply only for the President ... but it applies to everyone in the team. This is how the coordination on this topic should have been. But instead ... it has been one of the gimmick to stall coordination ... interestingly, it only backfired on those who used such gimmicks.

Our team's focus should be completely on the billions of lives that we have to work for ... that we have to change ... for whom we have to create a new era. All of our evaluations are done by keeping the lives of billions of people on one hand and the issue or policy on the other hand. We should not entertain sex based bullshit.