Kamala Harris 'culture' word salad stumps Twitter users: 'Emptiest human being alive'

Kamala Harris is actually an intelligent woman ... is she intelligently playing dumb to screw the Biden Presidency? Seems more like calculated failures.

Maybe Uncle Joe and his VP don't have a close relationship. Biden is probably trying to maintain the limelight on himself while casting away Harris. This has two issues ... firstly, Biden doesn't have any good policies to offer. Thus Biden being in the limelight with the dullest policies ever ... that are presented by Biden in the dullest manner while being glued to the teleprompter ...  this has created an extremely boring and testing image for the Biden Presidency. The Biden Presidency lacks the charisma, the charm and the excitement that a leader who fight for change brings about.

The second issue is that ... when Harris is castaway ... she is technically locked in the role of a VP ... she can't go back to being Senator. So, she is showing her frustration in her own way ... Harris playing dumb is her revolt in her own way.

You are not alone Harris
Well, the news for Kamala Harris is that ... you are not the only one who is upset, frustrated and tired of the Biden Presidency. You are just one among the millions.

And we can't totally blame Biden ... as he took on a role where he has no idea what has to be done. He doesn't know the head or tail of the problem ... he doesn't know even the abcds of the Establishment that he is supposed to manage ... he is simply following Party orders ... running whatever policies they want ... and reading whatever script they put forward.

Nobody chose Biden to do this ... but this is what's going on there. Obamas should have guided him ... some key players in the game have not played some of their key roles ... owing to which we have this state of the Biden Presidency.

Both Harris and Biden not to be blamed
Amusingly, in this equation ... Harris is not to be blamed ... Biden is not to be blamed ... its Barack Obama who should have brought change in the Presidency. He could have easily created a phenomenal President out of Biden with phenomenal reforms for the people. But they chose this track of Party puppetry ... thus America is going down the drain by the trillions every year and even the Biden Presidency is going down hill with every passing day, month and year.

It wasn't supposed to be this way ... but after Trump flipping ... who the hell thought that Barack Obama would go back to party puppetry and back to his old Presidential style. None of them were chosen for this ... neither Obama nor Biden.

Harris's stagnant Vice Presidency ... is a result of Biden's stagnant Presidency ... which is a result of Obama's stagnation. Lol. Its all interconnected. The world is waiting for Michelle to do something about this.