Well, that's Trump's way of seeking help. Every time he enters the trouble zone, he will start tweeting about it. He did this during his Presidency and SM groups used to help him out. But the more he lagged in bringing reforms in America, the more SM moved away from him. During his Presidency itself, it came to such an extent that I had to literally push SM groups to help Trump. He didn't care about America and America stopped caring about him.

But if we have to help Trump now ... its a different scenario out there. I have already told him to get in touch with me. We will see what we can do for him when he works with us.

Honestly speaking, there are several groups out there who are looking for Presidential leaders whose names are not Obama, Trump or Biden. Honestly ... like it or not ... this is the current scenario out there. In this scenario, saving Trump from the several crimes that he has committed ... its a totally different ball game.

How am I supposed to help Trump when he himself doesn't connect and work with me?

Joe Manchin planning to run for President?

That's interesting.

Sean Hannity: Our adversaries fear Trump, not Biden


Hannity ... everybody knows that you are a hardcore Pro-Trumper ... but there might not be a Trump Vs Biden scenario in 2024 at all ... both might get replaced. I was wondering whose horn are you going to blow if Trump is not in the race?


Yes, Bidenomics is balooney. Its just flowery language that his content writers came up with. It has no facts or logic connected with it.

 ‘China has changed.’ Germany unveils strategy to cut reliance on world’s no. 2 economy


Good move Olaf Scholz. Only if our Chosen Ones had some balls n brains. Our guys should observe how Germany is making this move totally unilaterally keeping its people and Nation first. Excellent move Scholz ... keep it up.

Ingraham: Biden is showing he's just a puppet


Biden is an utter total party puppet. If Biden is half blind then the Democrat Party is the stick that he uses to walk around. Lol. Biden looks, talks and walks whatever the Democrat party wants. Even George Bush would be ashamed at how Biden is puppeted by the party.

Meghan & Harry ‘reek’ of privilege’: Tomi Lahren


Pussy Morgan can't get enough of trash talking a girl that is 10 years younger than him. Pick someone of your size ... Pussy Morgan. If you have some balls why not talk about the trillions of debt that your boss, Donald Trump has piled up on America? Aaiiiyyyy?

Cluster bombs for Ukraine

Cluster bombs for Ukraine was a big mistake by Biden. The use of cluster bombs is a war crime ... Republicans can open an investigation against Biden on this. Its illegal and excessively abusive. This never ending war that Biden is financing ... it can start backfiring on him.

Biden should pray that Trump doesn't get re-elected. Trump can easily convict Biden for war crimes in Ukraine because of his supply of cluster bombs to Ukraine.

Supreme Court limits LGBTQ protections with ruling in favor of Christian web designer


Just like LGBTQ should have their rights even Christians should have their rights. Just because someone is LGBTQ, it should not give them the right to trample over other's rights. Democrats should draw a line of how much they support the groups that vote for them. Just because LGBTQ vote Democrat, it doesn't mean that our Democrat leaders support all of this shit that they are doing to normal Christians.