Its not going to be tweets but it is going to be Xs now?

Well, seems like Elon Musk is very bad in naming and branding. You can't name something X just because you like the letter X. It should not be about you liking something or not ... it should be about making sense.

Yes, you own the platform ... you can name it whatever you want ... X, Y or Z. But does XYZ make sense? The words Twitter, the bird logo and tweets made sense because it was about "talking" ... a short phrase ... just like a bird's tweet. The entire branding was about saying something short about anything ... it was about conversation.

You can do also "roar" ... but everyone doesn't roar. The word roar has a loud and aggressive theme to it. Tweet is something general, easy and routine ... a general conversation like birds ... something that the general public can connect with.

What does X mean?
Now, what does X mean? What are Xs going to mean? What's the concept behind X ... apart from the fact that you like X? Stuff that you do should make sense, Musky ... stuff should make sense.

The name, the actions, the logo ... everything should make sense ... it should relate to the activity and the purpose of the platform.

Listen to it yourself ... did you check your X? I was X-ing today. What did you X? I like your X. All he does is X. X about it. Don't remain silent, XXX.

Yes ... XX and XXX are about sex and its from the porn industry. Just Google XXX and take a look at what comes up. Lol. And you want tweeting to be X? Don't double X ... don't triple X ... simply X? Lol.

You are just one letter close to nudes (XX) and two letters close to porn (XXX).

Like ... who the hell told you to do this? Did someone advice you or this was all you?

I think you should leave Twitter, its branding, name and concept as it is. It is already doing very well and the platform is booming. Rebrand it only if you have a concept that is more meaningful than the present one.

Truth Social
Like Trump did ... Truth Social ... it sucks ... but he is trying to put some meaning into it. Its a platform for truth ... your tweets will be known as "truths". It sucks ... its shitty ... but that's what his guys could come up with. Trump is truthing on Truth Social nowadays. Lol.

My advice would be ... don't go with something that you like ... until and unless it means something. Going with what you like is generally the animalistic level ... even if you are a rocket scientist. You should rise above your likes ... and check if your likes make sense … check if your likes put meaning into things or not.

I don't think that you want to put one of the world's largest social platform one letter close to nudes and two letters close to porn. Do you? Lol.

At the end of the day, its your call. You own it, you can call it whatever you want ... but don't screw the whole thing.