Ukraine should not be messing with Russia. It shouldn't make the mistake of attacking Russian soil. This slow, stagnant and ineffective war pace is only because it is designed and moves forward based on Trump's funding. If Russia comes into action with its actual force then Ukraine won't exist on the planet.

Ukraine is very lucky that Putin has planned to scale down the operation and stick to a few territories in the East of Ukraine.

Watch Establishment malice in the war
Firstly, these attacks on Russian soil, Crimean bridge and other Russian interests is designed and carried out by Establishment elements who only want to increase this war ... and turn this whole thing into a world war. Secondly, Ukraine should not look at these random incidents of attacks on Russian soil as a green light to attack Russia or Crimea. It would be a very big mistake.

Peace negotiations are a good thing
The good thing that is happening out there is ... Trump is under enormous pressure ... it is quite likely that he will get convicted and go to jail ... and thus, Russia is scaling back this war. Russia is giving signals for a ceasefire and negotiations. This is a good thing.

Zelensky’s dream – a forever war for forever power
Zelensky should abandon his forever war strategy ... enter negotiations to end this war and return Ukraine back to normal. Destroying your country ... getting hundreds of thousands of your men and women killed ... only because you like the power that you have got because of this war ... its a horrible recipe for Ukraine and its future.

Zelensky was a hero at the beginning of this war for standing up to Russia and having the courage to fight a war against Russia. But the same hero is turning into a self-serving asshole who is destroying his own country and getting his own men and women killed. Your love for power ... your love to stay in power by continuing this war forever is destroying Ukraine. You are turning from a hero into an asshole because of your greed.

The death toll of this war has crossed 350K already. Our leaders don't often think about the consequences of war.