Seems like this election year is going to be quite interesting. During 2020, we were creating the paths of victory for two candidates … Trump and Biden. But for 2024, we will be creating paths of victory for 3 candidates … Biden, Trump and Ron DeSantis.

America’s Crises
The first thing that Ron DeSantis should understand in order to become President is that … America is a sinking ship … it is sinking trillions in debt every single year and it is shuttling towards the iceberg at great speed. There can be a massive economic meltdown in the coming years if nothing is done about the debt crisis and the several crises that interconnect with the debt crisis.

Technically, Trump and Biden were specifically chosen to work on these crises and change America’s direction. But both of them have failed in doing so. Since Trump failed in leading America out of its crises, he automatically created a leadership vacuum which was filled by Biden.

When Trump failed, we created a leadership combination of Biden backed by Obamas to lead America … to work on its crises and to take America into a new era. Biden was given the victory over Trump … mainly to work on these crises. But the moment Uncle Biden got the Presidency, he chose to go on a looting spree rather than work on any crisis whatsoever. Instead of solving any crisis, Biden has initiated several multi-trillion dollar mass spending policies which are crisis in their own.

As of now, Biden is not solving any of America’s crises but he is running multiple crises simultaneously. The Biden Presidency is a multi-disaster Presidency. Owing to Biden’s failure to fix America’s problems … there is a leadership vacuum again in America. Everyone is looking for the hero that will save America … who will eliminate this debt crisis and all of its interconnecting crises.

Both Trump and Biden are failed Presidents
The basic thing that you should understand about the current leadership in America is that … both Trump and Biden are failed Presidents … under both Presidents America has got record breaking debt and inflation.

If you actually want to become President … then you should …

  • Understand these crises
  • Understand how to solve these crises and
  • Promote and market actions and policies to work on these crises

Establishment Monopoly is the root of all major crises
When you read the content on our website … you will find terms like Establishment, Matrix and SM (Silent Majority) … you will understand these terms as you read page after page. In fact, I will try to put this info in the FAQs section of the site.

To put it briefly … Establishment is the network of companies that is screwing America … SM is the entity that is fighting against the Establishment, its gimmicks and policies … and the Matrix is a set of tools, technologies and techniques that are commonly used by both of these elements. Both … SM and the Establishment are very powerful entities … what you see on the frontend of American politics … most of it is designed in the backend by these entities.

Parallel Rule in America
Its like a parallel rule … or parallel Nation Management in America. On the frontend, it’s the Federal Government and the State Governments that run the country … but in the backend … its SM and the Establishment that run the country. Some of the decisions that are made by SM are … who gets to run the country … who wins and loses elections … who goes to jail and remains free … which policies are supported and which are taken down … and how to take down bad actors from any sphere of life.

If you understand this then you will be able to run America or you will get screwed. Either you will screw the world or get removed from the White House … if you don’t understand these parameters. Don’t worry, we are there to help you in this regard.

What to do exactly to become President?

  • Coordination. The first thing that you need to do is coordinate with us … connect with us directly … I think you already have our contact information.
  • Understand and promote. Keep an open mind … be flexible … don’t get puppeted by the Party … make logical and practical decisions that are good for the country. Using facts and logic, you will be able to promote what is right and what is wrong for America.
  • Commit. You have to commit to solving all crises, create new reforms and bring a new era for America.

If you can do this … then SM can shoot down Trump’s lead in the Republican Party and help you get the nomination to take down Biden. Your chances of winning the Presidency depend mainly on two things … how closely you work with us and how successfully you will always do what is right for America.

SM can very easily manage the polls, the popularity, the votes needed and victories in elections. All that they need to see is … if the guy is on the right track or not. If you can fight for America then you will find magic happening for you out there.

A Pornstar banger was given the Presidency … a guy with two dozen honking cars was given the Presidency … it is not going to be a big deal to pull off the Presidency in your favor. Controlling who goes into the White House is a simple “team building” exercise for SM.

Don’t be a parasite on us
Both Trump and Biden are failed Presidents … mainly because they stood there doing nothing but be a parasite on our work. They just sit there and expect me to write in their favor so that they retain the Presidency. They didn’t give a shit about working with us or solving any crisis … they backstabbed the very purpose why they were given the Presidency. Their stagnant leadership and inaction in any major crisis is creating a leadership vacuum all over again in America.

Try to understand what is going on … champion the changes that America need … then defeating Trump and Biden is no big deal.

Trump and Biden
Just so that you know … I have not ruled out working with either of you. Based on SM requests I am creating a path for victory for Ron DeSantis … of course, it is based upon how closely he will work with us.

Ron DeSantis already has some SM support for the Presidency. There are several groups that are frustrated from the inaction and incompetence that comes from Trump and Biden. Some of such groups favor Ron DeSantis. I think you should be flexible and be open minded as to who will lead America next. Its not about Trump, Biden or Ron DeSantis … its about who is better for America. It will help if you start connecting with Ron DeSantis … and for heaven’s sake … let’s see that we don’t get plain parasites in the White House again.