What's important about following Trump's policies that it is creating a leading Presidential candidate in the race? Good question. It is not actually "Trump’s policies" ... these are our policies ... these are people centric policies. "Make America Great Again" is only the slogan that Trump came up with. We were talking about fixing America's crises since 8 years even before Trump became President.

Being Pro-Russia, using all sources of energy including oil, gas and coal, no new wars and ending of all wars, holding China accountable, tariffs on China, bringing jobs back from China ... all of these are our policies where we guided Trump how to operate.

Trump learnt and took an entire Presidential term to put these policies in motion. All of these are good policies that build the Nation. Biden was supposed to take these policies forward. But he has done the opposite on most issues ... that's why, America is sinking more rapidly under Biden.

Ron DeSantis – Maintaining America’s success and progress
But when Ron DeSantis is replicating Trump ... he doesn't realize that he is actually copying and maintaining all of the progress that we made during Trump. When Ron DeSantis comes with all Trump policies ... he actually is coming with all of the progress and good things done under Trump. That's why Ron DeSantis is a lead candidate among Republicans.

The policies that the Presidents work with us are very important ... they have to be maintained, followed and continued ... and automatically, candidates who follow our policies are given a key lead in the Presidential race.

Don’t follow Trump’s racist policies
Its a good thing that DeSantis is following Trump on many key policies ... but what I would  tell him is  that ... don't follow Trump in being anti-Black, anti-Muslim and anti-Palestinian ... these are not our policies. These were Trump's own policies which greatly backfired on his Presidency. He lost the minority vote by being anti-Black and anti-Muslim.

Look at the facts, Mr. Biden
Biden should look at the Republican Party's candidates and understand the importance of working with us. Who are the top leading candidates? Trump and Ron DeSantis.

Why Trump? Because he already followed us on several activities via the online mode. And he is followed by Ron DeSantis ... why? Because Ron DeSantis is following Trump's policies ... making both of them closely associated with our people centric approach and policies.

Uncle Biden ... you are doing the opposite and that's why your Presidency is sinking. We told you this a long time ago and you didn't understand ... look at the facts yourself now. You can sit there and make a millions reasons not to work with me … but the truth is that … the guy who is working with me or has the highest chances of working with me gets the Presidency.


It was nice to see two candidates from Indian origin on the Presidential debate stage in America.


Ron DeSantis was oozing with honesty and sincerity. He seems like a good person.


I agree with Chris Christie ... this is no time for an on-the-job training for ChatGPT, especially when we have Ron DeSantis who already has all of Trump's policies.


Asa Hutchinson looks like the handsome version of Gollum. I am looking at his face thinking ... where have I seen this face before ... where have I seen this face before ... and the closest face that comes to mind is Gollum. Lol.