Biden fears being perceived as ‘stupid’ – biographer 

So, Uncle Biden fears going down in history as "stupid"? Well, Uncle Biden ... I have good news for you and bad news for you. The good news is that ... no, you will not go down in history as stupid, like George Bush did. And the bad news is that ... you are popularly known as "Greedy Grandpa" among a large network of SM Groups.

They don't see your policies and actions as stupid ... but they see it as simply greedy. I think that you fear going down in history as stupid because you have launched several multi-trillion dollar policies owing to your greed and then in order to praise yourself in front of the public, you show that these multi-trillion dollar policies are a success. I would say that ... this is your "guilt" Uncle Biden.

You are feeling guilty that you are praising your disasters as American success. Its a good thing ... feeling guilty when you do something wrong is a good thing. It shows that there is some conscience living in some corner of your heart ... its knocking on your head trying to help you realize the wrong that you have done. Keep going to Church, Uncle Biden ... keep going to Church. It will help you keep this conscience alive inside you.

I don't know whether you will change or not ... I don't know whether you will follow your conscience or not ... but its nice to know that you have a tiny flicker of light inside you that's trying to guide you. The leaders who follow this light go down in history as "great" ... not as stupid.

How does following a tiny flicker of light makes someone great?
Well, let me tell you how it works. It starts off with a “spark” … a spark of light kindles your heart for a moment and it helps you see that something is wrong … someone needs help … something needs to be fixed. You get these sparks of guidance again and again … at different intervals of time … it shows you more and more issues that need to be fixed … it might be your own flaws or issues that people are facing.

Once you start following these “sparks of guidance” … these sparks turn into a tiny flickering flame inside your heart. First it was momentary … but once you start responding to the guidance and start working on it … its no longer a spark … it turns into a tiny non-stop glowing flame in your heart.

The more you fight … the more you work to solve these issues … this tiny flame starts to grow more and more … it starts to burn more and more. With consistency and time … this tiny flame turns into a burning fire inside you.

When you have this “burning fire” inside you then God opens your eyes to bigger and bigger and bigger crises that exist out there. You will end up fighting to save billions of lives from danger and you will end up yearning to make great changes that will benefit billions of lives around the world.

This fire inside you will be so great … that not only it will reach the trees and mountains … but will rise all the way to the sky. Its not a fire that hurts and burns others … but it’s a fire that guides and protects others. You have no idea how freakin awesome it feels.

Once you reach this stage … trust me … you will start working on crises that you have never imagined before … you will bring change in the world that you have never imagined before and ways start opening up for you … all you have to do is “follow the light”.

All of this starts with just one spark and a tiny flickering flame inside your heart. The moment you start following that light … then wonders happen for you that you would have never imagined before. Going down in history as “great” … trust me … you wouldn’t have the time to even bother about that. For fame, glory, publicity, greatness … you would be like ... yeah, whatever … all of it would be a tiny subset in your leadership … in God’s light.

Its nice to know that you have some light in you that keeps your conscience alive. This path requires a fight for what is right … with consistency … some risk and flexibility … and some more consistency … then you can do wonders in the world … all you need to do is follow that spark of light.