Kristi Noem is a good pick for VP. Trump is quite good in hiring ... Kristi Noem or whoever, Trump will make a good pick. Its not that Kamala Harris is bad ... the only thing is that ... she has one of the most challenging jobs in the world ... "not to outshine President Biden". Lol. In order to play her role ... keep a low profile ... so that Uncle Biden remains in the limelight ... poor Kamala Harris has to either shut-up or play totally dumb. Thus, the Biden Presidency is essentially without a VP ... the VP is nowhere to be found ... and if she is found somewhere, she tries to be as stupid as possible. Lol.

How can you blame her ... she is trying to play her assigned role as best as she can. Her role is quite challenging ... if you look at it from her angle ... she has no other choice. She quit her post as Senator to become VP. If she quits being VP then what is she going to do? Look at what happened to Mike Pence ... the guy was a Governor ... and now, he has nothing to do.

The choices that Kamala Harris has is that ... either play stupid and dumb and continue to be VP ... or wait for the golden ticket to the Presidency if Uncle Biden kicks the bucket. I bet she must be on her knees every night praying ... "God please, God please ... I am just one soul away from being the most powerful man/woman on the planet. I can't play stupid anymore ... God please do something."


Just kidding Uncle Biden ... just kidding. I don't hate you ... even SM doesn't hate you. In fact, we think that you are a nice person. Why do you think I call you "Uncle Biden"?

:)  I wish you good health and a long life, Uncle Biden.

Do you know what's common between Biden and Pelosi?
Both of them are Obama's friends and both of them are good natured. That's a good thing about Obama ... he is a good natured guy who picks good natured people as friends.

There are pros and cons of placing friends in top positions. The advantage would be ... if both of you are tuned in to fight the right fight ... then the results can be phenomenal. The disadvantage would be ... if there is no plan to do something great and your friends keep screwing things ... then you have to choose between the friend or the people.

Who are Trump’s friends?
An interesting comparison would be Trump and his friends. So, who are Trump's friends? Nobody ... because he keeps firing and changing people around him. He changes staff ... he changes lawyers ... he changes his Chief of Staff ... he changes his VP ... to the extent that he even changes his wives. Is this good or bad?

Well, if you are looking for "good natured people" then Trump's circle is not the place. Trump is all about winning ... performance ... accomplishments ... if you can't perform then you are fired. Trump's approach has actually been very effective in getting the right results in several spheres within a short period of time. When "people" are concerned ... Trump's approach is far more fruitful and effective.

Trump doesn't stick to his party ... he doesn't stick to his team ... and he doesn't put up with bullshit ideas that are disastrous only because the "party said so or his friend said so". He puts doing what is right above the party and above his friends. This is what gave the upper edge to Trump over routine politicians. Obama n Biden could never understand this nor could they do this.

How will Ron DeSantis make decisions?
What's interesting to observe will be ... how will Ron DeSantis make decisions? Is he a party puppet ... will he blindly follow party, military and political advisers ... or will he do things that are logically right? Its easy to copy paste Trump's policies, Mr. Ron DeSantis ... but do you even know why and how Trump operates ... why he came up with those policies and actions ... what was the process that led to those policies? You lack info on this ... that's why, you don't have the depth of the subject ... that's why you are lagging behind Trump.

Trump is an original who has learnt a lot from us. You are also a good guy ... but being a good guy is not enough to place you in the pilot's seat, isn't it? You need to know how to fly the plane ... otherwise, there will be many disasters. Look at the Biden Presidency for example ... its the worst thing that has happened to America after George Bush. When you don't know how to fly the plane, obviously there will be a lot of blunders. Its not that Uncle Biden is a bad person ... he just doesn't know.

I think that you are promising security for me ... thank you. But only promising security for one guy on the ground will not help you fly the plane, will it? You need some basic know-how of how to fly the plane before you are in the pilot's seat. You have to go through some simulations to understand what's going on. Once you have the know-how ... then you can hit the ground running.

Learn the game, Ron DeSantis ... learn the game
Biden was a good guy ... he is a good guy ... but he failed in knowing anything, learning anything, understanding anything and he ended up with a messed up Presidency. The good thing with Trump was that ... he used to very very quickly change on-the-job ... that's why his Presidency was 10 times better than Biden's. However, the on-the-job training was not enough to change America.

I strongly suggest that ... you don't sit there like others trying to copy paste ... you don't want to end up like them. Coordinate and learn the right fight, Mr. Ron DeSantis ... coordinate and learn the right fight. This will help you overcome Trump and Biden ... and you can actually be a successful President that America needs right now.