Bidenomics Vs MAGAnomics? Really?
Mr. Biden ... there is nothing like MAGAnomics ... Trump himself didn't use this term. It is your content writers that are pulling such terms out of their asses. Want me to tell you something interesting that I told Trump in his first year?

Republicans wanted to abolish ObamaCare and Trump wanted his own version of a healthcare system. I told him don't call it "Trumpcare" ... in fact, think 10 times before you give your name to anything. Don't give your name until and unless it is created by you and you are certain that it will result in good and positive things for the people. Its only then that you give your name to something.

For example, ObamaCare ... it is nothing but a rip off from RomneyCare. Obama copy pasted a healthcare system from a corporate leech ... modified it ... created the most expensive healthcare system possible and gave it his name. Now, Obama struggles to save ObamaCare ... why? It has his name attached to it. Lol ... its not because its a great healthcare system where several things come totally free. Its a pretty darn expensive system and it has nothing much great attached to it. However, Obama struggles and struggles and struggles to save ObamaCare ... just for the name.

Its a mistake that Obama made. And what have your guys done? Economy is the worst thing right now ... we have the highest debt possible ... we pay the highest interest than ever ... that's about $700 Billion every year only as interest ... we can't complete one year without raising the debt ceiling ... people work 3 jobs and use 3 credit cards just to pay their bills ... we have a debt of about $33 Trillion already ... we are headed towards an economic catastrophe ... during such a time ... you "own the situation" ... you "own this economy" ... and you call it Bidenomics?

What the hell is wrong with you? Kick that guy in the nuts who came up with this bullshit idea. Everything is not good only if it sounds good. Just because Bidenomics has a good sound byte to it ... it doesn't mean that the current economic situation is good in reality. You are unknowingly owning a huge disaster.

Using a term like Bidenomics today in such a scenario is like ... lighting a fire right under your own ass. Jesus … talk about being suicidal.