No, no, no … I am not trashing Obama … I am motivating Obama. Michelle wants Obama to remain in the team … this is her dear request. Obama needs to play a role to remain in Presidential leadership … and the two key roles that have for candidates in Presidential leadership are:

  • Stop disasters and catastrophes
  • Bring great change for the people

You have to do either of the two … preferably both. If you cannot do this … then everyone starts questioning your very presence in a leadership role. Its pretty darn obvious.

Secondly, if I am talking about Obama … and showing him what to do … then it is actually good news. It actually brings attention on Obama and opens routes for his leadership. It would be bad if I stopped talking about you … like I stopped talking about Bush, Hillary, Trump and Biden.

When I stop talking about any leader … then it means that leader is useless for key Presidential leadership … no one focuses on you, no one supports you and no cares to give you victories … because you are useless for the Nation.

Chill ... it must be two things. Either they must be dealing with some sexual misinformation or they may not be serious about contacting at all. This is nothing new ... this is going on since several years.

Yes, I know ... we give these guys the White House despite the fact that they have banged Pornstars ... despite the fact that they have been fingering their coworkers ... and they use the slightest sexual glitch or misinformation to flip and stall working with us. This has been their routine and that's one of the reasons why they are called frauds.

The work has not even begun ... and this is how they behave. Just imagine them behaving like this when we launch full scale revolutions ... in the middle of the battle, they flip against us and try to change tracks. Lol ... what are we going to do then?

Lack the conscience and consistency
They lack the same fighting spirit, the conscience, the consistency and the drive to bring about the change that's needed. What SM basically think is that ... just because any of these leaders will work with me ... it is automatically assumed that they will also carry the same fighting spirit, the conscience and the consistency. This has not been the case till date.

There are some Pro-Trump Groups that are asking if we can give a second chance for Trump.

Firstly, this question itself isn’t appropriate to the exact scenario at the ground level. This question tends to show that … I am the bad guy and somehow Trump is the victim … who got only one chance … and that we are mean and cold who are not giving him a second chance. This question misrepresents the actual scenario.

Secondly, not only we gave Trump a second chance … but we gave him 365 chances every single year of his 4 year Presidency. We gave Trump about 1,460 chances … not one chance … we gave him more than a thousand chances.

Every single day we guided him as to what has to be done and what has to be stopped … where the crises are … and what he has to do. Trump didn’t step forward even once … he ignored, turned a blind eye and only exploited us through the thousand plus chances that we gave him.

Slavery is not a genetic condition but it is an abusive condition
I am talking about “Obama following White people” and Michelle is tweeting that her ancestors were in slavery … probably, trying to ask me … if Obama has a genetic condition? Lol … hell no, Ma’am … hell no.

There is no way in hell that Obama following White people has anything to do with slavery. No way in hell that can happen. If you note … whenever I talk about Obama trusting and following White people … I also quote Obama’s White mommy issues. This trust and automatic obedience that Obama has many a times to White people … it is mainly because he had a fabulous, intelligent, charismatic and loving White Mom. She was his guiding light … and look at him … she has done quite a good job.

Trust me, there is no connection between Obama’s trust in White people and slavery. Slavery is not a genetic condition but it is an abusive condition … it is the suppression and abuse of weaker people.

As per our project to dismantle the Establishment, we designed the coordination with the US President in several fields so that we could easily surpass the Establishment control and influence … and win in dismantling the Establishment and create new systems. These are the basic fields where coordination is required to start off with.

  • Intelligence. We basically had to work with the intelligence agencies of the US, Russia, Germany, Turkey and Japan to balance out the intelligence tools used by the Establishment to spy on our work, to destabilize the work and to manage the staff. We had to root out all Establishment puppets from our teams and make sure that all tools, equipment and manpower used are independent of Establishment control, monitoring and influence. We also have to collect data on the people in involved in politics, judiciary, media and government in various fields.

Why do the selected get elected?
The candidates that we select for President automatically get elected as President. Why? Because America is a burning building … the crises it faces are quite complicated. It requires coordination with the President to create new systems and to dismantle exploitation systems to take America into a new era.

The candidates that we select for President are actually selected for this very purpose … to solve America's crises, to create new systems and to dismantle exploitation systems.

The same moral conscience expected
One of the things that are expected from the Presidential candidate is that … he has the same moral conscience to fight for America, to protect America and to save America from these crises. The candidate is expected to fight off all malicious activities and do great things for the people and the country. This is something that is automatically expected to happen.

Why are there so many sex scandals in American politics?
Trump had several sex scandals when he ran for President … Biden had sex scandals when he ran for President … now, the next potential US President, Elon Musk, also has a few sex scandals. Why? It is basically an Establishment activity. They track everything that you do ... all of your emails, calls, messages, usage of your phone and computer and also your activities at home & in your office are tracked. This gives them access to everyone's sex scandals as well ... apart from the other tons of data that they collect.
They use this data that they collect via spying in the common people's lives to target them in politics … to demonize them, to ridicule them, to pull away votes from them and to fail their political careers. This is the basic objective of the Establishment using sex scandals to target top political leaders.

How does the Establishment benefit from sex scandals?
It’s actually a deviation gimmick. The main issue in America is the massive debt crisis that has crossed $30 Trillion. The entire War on Terror was a "cover-up" for the debt crisis. These sex scandals demonize the current President … and serves as a deviation tactic away from the main problem. The mainstream media sits there trashing the President and shifts the attention away from the main crisis. It buys them time to continue with their loot of trillions while the people remain busy trashing each other.

Some SM basics for Elon Musk … it will help you understand what is going on and how things operate. If you understand the basics of how key forces function then you will understand how to operate and get victories in these multiple crises.

What is the Matrix?
It’s a Human Management Network … where several sets of different technologies are used to track, monitor, enhance and control human beings in different fields of the society.

What is the Establishment?
They call themselves Jewish … but it is actually a Satanic Establishment. The Bankers form the base who sponsor a monopoly that owns tens of thousands of businesses in several fields.

What is SM?
It is the workforce that operates in several fields within the Matrix … tens of millions of SM Groups form the SM Network.