The Obama-Biden Team Bargaining
Here's how the Obama-Biden team wastes time in "bargaining" ... see, how they reduce the offer based upon their own needs.

  1. Trump will give you $200 Billion?? Don't worry we will give you $20 Billion just to start with.
  2. When things start falling apart and they want to assure their commitment for the work - we support you a 100% ... you will get the full $1 Billion to start the work.
  3. When they get upset with any of my criticisms ... we will give you 50% of the funding that you need to start the work.
  4. When they get comfy and don't see the need to work ... how about we give you a million dollars to start the work?
  5. When I talk about changing their mass spending policies ... how about you work with me in the White House? I will give you a good salaried job.
  6. When I talk about them losing in polls, popularity and in elections ... then forget about offering any financial support ... they start reminding me that "hey, we maintain your security".
  7. When I talk about Republicans taking over the House and Senate ... then ... "Republicans won't keep you safe ... we keep you safe. Don't be upset ... go get some pussy".
  8. This is Obama in chill mode. "Take it easy ... you don't need to contact him at all. Just use him to get the Presidency and then follow the Party. That's what I did ... you don't need to worry about what he says."

Obama and Biden ... they start off with $20 billion ... and then move to $1 billion ... then $1 million ... and then a good salary ... and then just be happy with the security that we provide for you and go get some. Lol ... at any moment in time ... since the last two years ... you will find Obama-Biden stuck to any of the above equations. They sit there bargaining with me as if they are paying from their own pockets for the work. Lol. Its not even their money … they just have to pull strings to get the funding from a third party. What’s with the bargaining?

What is this? Its basically a waste of time. Its just another gimmick to do nothing and waste time.

Yeah I know ... the same thing happened with Oprah. She showed her intention of running for President and we open heartedly welcomed her. And then ... probably, as per Obama's advice ... she tried to get my support and endorsement. She started giving me "signals" via online messages that ... she will work with me ... give me a billion dollars and bla bla bla.

I was like ... okay fine ... if the lady wants to give me a billion dollars ... if she really wants to work with me ... then why doesn't she call me? If someone wants to give you a billion dollars ... then isn't it normal for them to talk to you first?

I told Oprah ... "okay fine Ma'am ... I will train you and help you become President ... first, get in touch with me." Lol.

Here are some details about Obama’s guidance in the Biden Presidency. Michelle might need to work on some hubby management.

Obama replicating his Presidency
The reports are that … Obama is trying to replicate his Presidency and thus we are getting no cooperation from Biden and America is getting disasters via the Biden Presidency. Let’s correlate things as they happened during the Obama Presidency and see if the same things are being repeated under Biden in order to understand this stagnation that is being facilitated by Obama.

Online “signals” for cooperation
The Obama Presidency was a transition Presidency … where we moved from Conventional Democracy to Active Democracy. Obama doesn’t know the full picture of the operation as he was given info only about stopping wars. This is what Obama saw happening under his Presidency …

We were directing SM Groups to knock out Mitt Romney from the race to help Obama win his re-election. Obama was surprised at the movement that we were able to create against Mitt Romney and he started giving online “signals” in support of our work. He saw that our endorsement helped him get re-elected. And then, he also saw that our endorsement for Trump against Hillary helped Trump get elected.

So, what Obama basically thinks is that … the candidate just needs to give a few signals online to get my endorsement and with my support he or she will get the Presidency.

Budget deficits reflect leadership performance

How each President has performed … it can be easily seen in the budget deficits. Its like a  company CEO … how much profit and how much loss he has delivered … it reflects his leadership. Let's apply the same to our lovely Presidents … it will give a very clear, transparent and exact picture of each Presidency.

Bill Clinton (1993-2001)
Take a look at the graph below …

He's the best performing President in US history … he took a massive deficit and created a massive surplus out of it … created record breaking jobs, best relations with Russia while he was facing a huge sex scandal, ridicule and impeachment. Look at the graph … do you see any President performing better than him throughout the 1900s?

The Nuclear Armageddon ahead
No, Nikki Haley … Biden is not fear mongering about the nuclear war. He is getting intelligence reports that Russia is preparing its citizens in case of a nuclear war. This is why Biden is saying that the world might be close to a Nuclear Armageddon.

Let’s help Mr. Biden avert the nuclear war. Its pretty easy … if you understand who to follow and who not to follow. Its easy if you follow the right steps. But if you do everything wrong then don’t expect the right outcome.

I think the lovely Michelle Obama should help Biden in this … it’s a critical issue.

The tide of war has changed
Well … firstly, congratulations are in order … Mr. Biden … you have won the first phase of the war. You have changed the tide of the war … Russia is no longer occupying more territories … it is retreating and Ukraine is taking back its territories. Your military advisers said that … “Russia would take over Ukraine within 72 hours”. Well, this is not the first time that the advisers in the White House have been wrong.

Here are clarifications of some questions from a few SM Groups.

What if Trump gets nominated? What about your security?
Firstly, thanks for caring for me ... how much you care shows how much you love. Some people out there keep on saying that ... we love you, we love you ... but they are nothing but parasites on you. They don't care ... they don't give a shit ... they are just about using you. Its good to know that ... SM still cares and prioritizes my security ... thank you

Secondly, if you worry about Trump getting a second term then ... Michelle had already kept me pretty safe during Trump's first term ... I don't think we will have an issue again. Trump is not foolish enough to cut off the branch that he stands on. He needs our guidance ... to dodge repeated disasters planned by the Establishment ... he needs SM protective shells to remain in office and out of jail.

Thirdly, even Biden is trying to use my security as a bargaining chip to remain in office. Mr. Biden ... I was safe before your Presidency and God willing, I will be safe even after your Presidency. You are not the key to my safety ... it is Michelle and God that keep me safe.

America is going through a “Greedy Pig Crisis”
Lol … this is a never expected crisis … but it is what it is. The good thing about each crisis is that … it puts the problem statement on the table and gives us the opportunity to formulate a solution for the crisis. So that, just in case if we have such a crisis again in the future … then we know how to act on it.

We have been rooting out Establishment puppets from Presidential races and placing chosen Presidents in the White House. We have been extremely successful in failing Establishment puppets but unfortunately we are getting greedy pigs in the White House. Instead of America getting a new phenomenal era of success and prosperity … we are getting Presidents who are only interested in looting trillions and blowing their horns while multiplying the existing crises. America is going through a greedy pig crisis.

Examples will help.

Chosen Presidents doing 10 times worse than Establishment Puppets
We are failing Establishment puppets and bringing in chosen Presidents in the White House. These chosen Presidents are expected to create great reforms … create a phenomenal country … and take us into a new era of success and prosperity. But instead, we are getting only greedy pigs in the White House who are interested only in looting trillions and blowing their horns.

Factual Evaluation
This page is not about cursing Biden … or criticizing Biden … or putting forward anyone’s opinion … it is about actual facts. These facts will help Biden understand SM fury against him. I am just sharing some data from SM groups about the current Presidential leadership.

Trump got $19 Trillion in debt from Obama
In one term Trump delivered:

  • $30 Trillion in debt
  • The highest debt and trade deficits in US history
  • A raging pandemic that was multiplied by 10 times … from 20K cases per day to 200K cases per day … so that, Trump could postpone the elections by one year and get an additional year in office

SM Complaint: “The recent frauds and thieves in the White House are 10 times worse than Establishment puppets. What is the point of failing Establishment puppets when we are getting frauds that are 10 times worse than them?”

This is a good point. The solution for this problem is a tricky one. I know that several SM Groups see Trump and Biden as frauds and thieves ... and it also happens that ... these guys are performing 10 times worse than the Establishment puppets that we fail in elections. The solution is pretty much the same ... root them out. If they are 10 times worse than Establishment puppets then we should put in an effort 10 times more to root them out.

Rooting out Trump and Biden
The tricky part is ... how are you going to root them out? We have Trump, the dominant figure in the Republican Party ... and we have Biden, the dominant figure in the Democrat Party. Instead of leading the country ... unfortunately both of them have turned out to be frauds. Who is going to root them out and how?

Excellent Parasite
Firstly, let’s congratulate Mr. Biden for being an excellent parasite on us. He is stopping world wars … saving billions of lives … saving trillions in infrastructure and war costs … he is doing a phenomenal job … by being a parasite on us. At least at some place Biden is doing a good job … obviously, he is learning from the best … Trump was the best Presidential parasite that we ever had.


Recovering Ukrainian Territory
So, let’s help President Parasite-Biden recover Ukrainian territory in the most effective and safe manner. To do this … the first thing that we need to do is … we need to understand the ongoing strategies in place. These strategies will give us an idea of the objectives and the scope of each entity involved.

May the Queen rest in peace. She was a good person, most of the time.
Long live King Charles III. May God help you to do what is right for your Nation and may God help you become the guiding light for your people.

Biden keeps sticking to a track of being nice to me. That's sweet.
Trump would have been jumping up and down if I wrote anything against him. He would be trying to pull every political string to stop my work … but Mr. Biden is trying to be nice and not going gaga over me.

So, Mr. Biden … though I appreciate you not getting aggressive against me … is being a parasite on me also a part of being “nice”? Lol. You should understand that … being nice to me is just one line of the work. Yes, it definitely helps … this is one place where you are better than and different from Trump … but you should understand that … SM Groups are not angry and frustrated with you because you are not nice to me … they are angry and frustrated with you when leading the Nation is concerned … they see you as a fraud and a hypocrite.

Cyclic Parasites
Here is something that Michelle needs to understand about Biden. Presidential evaluations generally happen on a weekly basis and I publish important content on Fridays and/or Sundays. Here is how Biden is trying to be a “cyclic Parasite” …

  • Wednesday & Thursday. Since all SM Groups follow what I write … they immediately start making necessary changes at the ground level. When I support a candidate, he is given protection, support and victories … when I pull support then everything is pulled away from the candidate. Apparently, Biden wants me to write good stuff about him. So, on Wednesdays and Thursdays … he starts giving indirect signs saying “we are with you … we will get this done … we are going to start right away … you have our full support” and bla bla bla.
  • Friday and Sunday. Those are only “signs” from Biden … he never actually works on them. He has been sending these signs since more than a year now. He is apparently trying to get me to blow his horn via these false commitments. If he actually wants to work with me … then why is he playing with “signs” … why is he sitting and waiting to see what I write on Fridays and Sundays? The truth is that … these are all false commitments.
  • Monday. And when Monday comes … he flips against everything he committed.

He is following this cyclic pattern just to extract useful information from me. He is trying to be a cyclic parasite on me. Guess from whom he got this idea? Yes, Donald J Trump … this is something that Trump used to do on a routine basis. He has very good experience in what I write and what happens at the ground level.